Transfer Money

Accessible under the Transfers menu.

This function will allow you to electronically transfer funds from one of your account to another account; either within your membership, to another membership or to an account at another Australian financial institution. 

To use this function: 

  • Select the required "from" account from the "From account" drop-down menu
  • Either:
    • Select a previously used Payee from the "Payee" drop-down menu or
    • Enter in a new Account Number and BSB/Account Type (e.g. S1, L1)
      • The system will automatically detect whether you are trying to transfer within Heritage or externally (interbank transfer) and display an account name field to fill out for a transfer to an external account
  • The BSB must be in the following format: NNN-NNN
  • The account number must be all numbers to a maximum of 9 digits
  • The account name can be up to 32 characters long
  • Select whether you wish to save the payee to your list of Heritage Interbank Payees 
  • Enter in the amount you wish to transfer
  • Enter in a reference for the transfer
  • Select whether you would like to perform the transfer 'Now' or 'Later'
  • If you choose to 'Transfer Later' you will need to select:
    • First Transfer Date (when the first instance of the transfer should occur)
    • Select a Frequency from the "Frequency" drop-down menu
    • If you select a frequency other than "Once Only" select how long the scheduled transfer should continue for (a specific date or indefinitely)
  • Then click the 'Next' button
If the Payee to whom you are wishing to transfer funds is a 'new payee' (i.e. - one you have not used before) then the next screen will indicate this and require you to request an OTP or enter in your 'Pay Anyone Password' to authorise the addition of the new Payee. 

After performing this the transfer will be completed and a receipt page for the transfer will then be shown indicating the transfer details. You will also receive a confirmatory email (if you have an email address loaded).  

Note: That if you chose to 'Transfer Later' the transfer will not have happened but will have been 'Scheduled'. To view your Scheduled Transfers select 'Manage Scheduled Transfers' under the Transfers menu.

Automatic transfers to a Heritage credit product

You can set up transfers to a Heritage credit product that will automatically calculate your payment amount. 

For a Credit Card or Line of Credit account you can choose from:

  • MinPay – the minimum repayment amount on the statement due date, if funds are available
  • DuePay – the amount due on the statement payable on the due date, if funds are available
  • BalPay - the outstanding amount on a given day during the month, if funds are available

For a Personal Loan or Mortgage* you can set your repayment to be ‘Repay’ which will divide your required monthly payment by the time period you have selected. For example, if your monthly required payment is $2000 and you have selected the ‘Weekly’ payment option, your payment per week will be set to $500 (the monthly amount divided by four), until your monthly repayment amount changes. If the monthly amount changes, then the weekly amount will also change in the next payment cycle. This calculation will not take into account the number of payments that will be taken before your first automatic repayment, so please ensure you will have made sufficient payment to cover the amount of your first repayment.

If you require assistance calculating whether there will be enough weekly or fortnightly payments in your account prior to the repayment due date, please contact your local branch or our Contact Centre on 13 14 22.

If you would like to enable a scheduled payment of this type:

  1. Proceed to perform a transfer to the account
  2. Do not worry about entering in an amount
  3. Select to perform the transfer later and notice the Optional Payment Instructions
  4. You can then select the option you want and the amount field will be greyed out.
  5.  Carry on with your transfer as normal.

*Principal & Interest Loans only. If you require assistance with an Interest Only loan type, please contact your local branch or our Contact Centre on 13 14 22.