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Travelling overseas is exciting, particularly if it's been a long time since you've travelled. Whether it's for a holiday or to visit family and friends, there are some things you should organise with your banking before you go. Here are our top tips for international travel for Heritage customers to help your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Tip 1: Let us know your plans

Ensure that you contact Heritage to advise the dates and countries of your planned travel. You can do so by calling us on 13 14 22 or submitting a secure enquiry when you're logged into Heritage Online or your Mobile Banking App.

Tip 2: Check your internet banking

If you will be using internet banking whilst overseas, consider changing from ‘SMS Security’ to a ‘Pay Anyone password’, or disabling this facility altogether for the duration of the trip. This is because if you turn off your phone data while overseas to save on roaming charges, you won't be able to receive text messages from us.

Tip 3: Select 'Credit'

When using your Heritage card overseas, you will only be able to access your accounts through the Credit facility on the relevant card (Visa Debit or Visa Credit).The ‘Savings’ and ‘Cheque’ functions are only for use in Australia so please press ‘Credit’ every time you use the card, even at ATMs.

Tip 4: How to change your PIN 

If you need to change your PIN while you're overseas, you can do so easily through Heritage Online. For more information, including what to do if you hold a joint membership, refer to our Pin Change Help Guide.

Tip 5: Check your daily card limits

Heritage has daily card limits when selecting credit on your Visa card. The standard daily card limits are $10,000 AUD within Australia and $3,000 AUD outside of Australia. A daily ATM withdrawal limit will also apply.

You can check the current limits in our Fees and Limits Guide before you go. If you wish to discuss your daily limit requirements whilst travelling, visit your local branch or call Heritage on 13 14 22.

Tip 6: Check your card expiry

Check your card expiry dates to ensure your card does not expire whilst you are away.

Tip 7: Be aware of card fees

There are specific fees and charges involved with transactions made outside Australia and in a currency other than Australian Dollars (AUD) on Heritage card products:

  • For purchases, this is 3% of the Australian dollar value of the transaction.
  • For ATM/counter withdrawals, this is $5.00 (Australian), plus the 3% listed above.

Learn more with our handy FAQ - What fees apply for using my card overseas?

Tip 8: How to call us from overseas

You can call Heritage on +61 7 4690 9000 from overseas to speak with someone about details relating to your accounts. Our contact centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist. 

Tip 9: How to report a lost or stolen card

If your Heritage Visa card is lost or stolen, you can cancel your card through Heritage Online or your Mobile Banking App.

You can also call our emergency contact number at any time to cancel the card, on +61 7 4694 9139. If you require emergency card replacement as a Visa cardholder you can access Visa Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement.

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