Cheap gift ideas for any occasion

Giving a thoughtful gift to your loved ones is incredibly important, but it can add up.

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Whether you’re tight on money, looking to impress that special someone with a homemade gift, or simply stuck for ideas, here are some of the best presents that you can get for any occasion and any budget. 


Whether it’s your favourite auntie, or your sibling that has just moved out of home, everyone needs to cook and sometimes finding inspiration can be tough. That’s where your perfect cookbook present comes in! It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. 


This is a great gift because candles aren’t something you generally think about buying or needing, but once you have some, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without them. Get some more earthy scents for the men and more floral for the females, and you can’t go wrong. 

Framed Picture

This is a good one to gift to family members to ensure those special family moments are captured forever. Framing a special shot of yourself with the person you’re gifting to, or even a shot of a special moment in time that will mean something, can be one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts someone can receive. Works wonders with the grandparents. 

Bath bombs

While this one is a time-honoured classic with the ladies, don’t believe a man who says he doesn’t like a bath bomb. He’s either lying, or has never had one (but is most likely lying). There are some awesome bath bombs to be found at your local markets which the girls will love, but for the more masculine in taste, these ones are sure to hit the spot. 

Gift voucher

Give a gift voucher for just about anything; movies, shops, music, food and drinks. Even petrol! Jump onto Red Balloon and take a look at the thousands of voucher offers to find the perfect gift for any occasion, any budget and anyone. 

Gift basket

Gift baskets are so versatile and can be tailored to suit literally any taste. Think about who you’re giving the basket to. What do they like? What would they appreciate? Put it in a basket. Done. 

Sock/underwear subscription

This one is a little out of the box, but it’s a fantastic idea that will keep your loved one remembering you and your generosity every month. Sign them up to a sock and underwear subscription and they will receive a new pair of undergarments every month for a year. And the best part about this? You can just renew the subscription after a year for their next birthday! Everybody wins!

Bathrobe/dressing gown

This is a great gift because it’s not something you tend to buy for yourself. It’s also a great one because certain recipients may act as though it’s a bit of a strange gift, but they’re never going to take if off once they’re home alone and realise how comfortable it is! 

Board game

This one may seem a little lame at first, but think about it. When was the last time you sat down with your friends or family and played a good ol’ board game? We bet it was a while ago. It’s seriously a heap of fun, and can include any number of people. Revert to an old classic such as monopoly, or try something new. One thing is for sure, you’ll have the whole group laughing and enjoying themselves in no time. 

An experience

Take your mum skydiving. Or your dad snorkelling. Take your sister on a hot lap in a V8 supercar at the racetrack. Take your best mate paintballing.. As Maya Angelou once said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And your mum is going to feel a serious drop in her stomach when she jumps out of an aeroplane at 12,000ft. She’ll never forget it. Red Balloon has a great selection of experiences to choose from online.


You’ll be a favourite around the gifting table if you produce a voucher for a professional massage to your loved one. This is a great option and doesn’t require much than picking a massage parlour, visiting their website and buying a voucher. Simple! 

A holiday

This is a great one for those very close to you and can be tailored to almost any budget. Whether you really want to treat the new fiancé to an overseas surprise, or celebrate mum and dad’s anniversary by sending them off for a weekend away to wine country. This one is sure to impress. Read our tips for booking a holiday online if you need help!

Vouchers to do jobs/chores for your loved one

This is a great homemade gift, and can be used for any co-habitant of your household. Make a number of cards with all different jobs or favours on them. The receiver will absolutely love it. Some ideas could include taking the dog for a walk, or a complementary 30-minute head and shoulders massage. 

Finding the perfect gift is easy when…

Ultimately, these are just a group of ideas, but the real trick to giving the perfect gift is thinking about what the person you’re gifting really loves. If they’re into action and adventure, head outdoors with an experience, or if they need some relaxation from their busy life, try a bath bomb and massage combo. As long as it comes from the heart (cliché alert), they are going to love it no matter what. 

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