Six of the best winter recipes under $4 per serve

Have you found yourself spending a little more money? Dinner time could be the opportunity for you to straighten out your weekly spend.

Best ever macaroni cheese

With long, hot days at the park or on the beach now a distant memory, we’ve come up with some of the tastiest, easiest and cheapest winter-warmer meals going around.

Have you found yourself spending a little more money this winter? Dinner time could just be the opportunity for you to straighten out your weekly spend.

Chicken and Guinness Bake - $4 per serve

Chicken and Guiness bake
Image source: Just Easy Recipes

Just Easy Recipes

Tip: Add mashed potato on the side to help stretch the meal further and fill tummies around the table.

Speedy Spaghetti and Meatballs - $4 per serve

Speedy spaghetti and meatballs
Image source:

Tip: This recipe calls for a particular brand of meatballs – why not make your own with mince meat. Add some veggies in to make the meal go further for less!

Best-ever Macaroni Cheese - $3.50 per serve

Best ever macaroni cheese
Image source:

Tip: Add seasonal vegies for extra nutrients – broccoli, zucchini and carrot are all in season right now so the price will be right!

Spinach and Pine Nut Lasagne - $3.15 per serve

Spinach and pinenut lasagne
Image source: BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food

Tip: For a more cost effective (and allergy friendly) recipe alternate pine nuts for pepita seeds. Improve nutrients with the addition of other winter vegies such as broccoli and carrot.

Cauliflower Soup - $2.50 per serve

Image source:

Tip: Add extra umph to your soup by mixing in chopped silverbeet – this vege is in season right now, is full of nutrients and will fill you up for less.

Easy Apple Crumble - $2.10 per serve

Easy apple crumble

The Pretty Blog

Tip: Add rhubarb for a bit of bite. Did you know rhubarb is super easy to grow in your own garden? Pick up a seeding or seeds. For a small amount of money you’ll see a big return! We also used fresh lemon for the juice.

5 ingredients you need on hand this winter

Here’s 5 go-to items which will see you through a number of meals:

  1. Garlic
  2. Cooking oil
  3. Stock
  4. Herbs
  5. Lemons

Please note: cost per serve has been based on quantity of ingredients used in the recipe and is also based on purchasing from a supermarket at the time of this post going live.

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