5 ways to feed the family on a budget this Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time of the year. Feed the family on a budget this Christmas with these 5 ideas.

With Christmas just days away you might have noticed your monthly costs have crept up so we’ve been looking at ways to feed the family on a budget this Christmas. Whether you’re catering for an entire extended family, or you’re contributing a dish to a party, there’s plenty of delicious meals and treats you can prepare within a budget that suits your family.

We’ve pulled together five recipes for some of the most popular Christmas foods – all of which can be created for under $5 a serve.  In most recipes we’ve taken into account ingredients you might already have in your cupboard – so the cost per serve might even be less for some recipes! 

1. Chocolate-coconut balls

Cost: 37c per chocolate ball

Great to give as gifts! The recipe will make around 50 balls. By bagging up 10 balls per gift that will cost you less than $3.75 per gift!

Chocolate Coconut Balls in a Box

Source: Taste.com.au

2. Santa Claus punch

Cost: $3.20 per serve

At $3.20 a serve this punch will be sure to get your family and friends jolly over the festive season. This recipe is alcohol-free so is friendly for all ages!

Santa Claus Christmas Punch

Source: Australian Good Taste

3. Sticky orange soy-glazed ham with roasted garlic potatoes

Cost: $4.20 per serve

Christmas ham is a tradition for many families – whether you eat it warm or cold it is definitely one of the stars of the show for people. At $4.20 per serve this is a great meat to serve and can be eaten over the days following Christmas. Ham and eggs anyone? 

Soy and Orange Glazed Ham

Source: Super Food Ideas

4. Lemony leaf salad

Cost: $1.90 per serve

Under $2 a serve this fresh and light salad is a great accompaniment to an Australian Christmas lunch or dinner. Mix it up by using a different dressing to suit the rest of your menu and you’ll be onto a winner with those looking for a bit of greenery on the Christmas table. 

Garden Salad with Lemon Dressing

Source: Taste.com.au

5. Gingerbread trifle

Cost: $2.21 per serve

Who doesn’t get a smile on their face looking at a gingerbread man? This delicious gingerbread spin on a summer classic will have your guests wanting more! With some ingredients already in the cupboard you might even get this dessert for under the $2.21 per serve we calculated. 

Classic Trifle with Gingerbread Men

Source: Coles Magazine

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