Kids and teens

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the world of saving, and one of the best ways is to open their very own bank account.

By saving money at a young age, kids are able to put aside funds that may help them in the future, and gradually add up to a significant amount.
4 money-making tips for kids
Earning money can be a great activity to help kids understand the value of money. Here's 4 money-making ideas for kids.
Understanding credit is an important life skill. Explaining credit to teenagers is important and reading our list of recommendations can help.
4 cheap and healthy school lunch ideas
We’ve put together a bunch of cheap and healthy school lunch ideas that your kids will love.
For parents

Saving and Budgeting

Paws for thought. Did you know our furry friends can teach us valuable money lessons?
How to stop kids losing things
Kids are notorious for losing things at school. A simple strategy for saving money is to avoid replacing lost items. But how do you stop kids from losing things? Psychologist, writer and mum, Ellen Jackson, shares her tips.

By creating financial foundations for your children through a kids savings account, it will help them to better understand money and saving.

Psychologist and mum, Ellen Jackson, shares 4 strategies to help you explain this challenging and important topic with your kids.
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If you're old enough and your parents agree, mowing lawns for your neighbours might be a great way to earn some extra pocket money.
These pawfectly delicious and easy no-bake dogs treats are a great way to earn a bit of extra pocket money.
Successful family blogger, Editor and owner of popular blog, Stay at Home Mum, Jody Allen, shares her expert tips on saving money when it comes to school uniforms and weekend wear.
Between school uniforms, stationery, sporting equipment and instruments it can be an expensive and busy time for many people. Here's 3 ways to make back to school shopping easier.
Shopping with a pram is difficult at the best of times. Here's 3 tips to help you shop with a pram at Christmas time.
Healthy, cheap and kid-friendly is the holy grail of family cooking. Here are 10 favourites to tick all those boxes.
Between activities, entertainment, and trips away, the cost of school holidays can quickly add up. Here's 3 cheap and fun activities to try these school holidays.
 Here's some simple tips to help prepare for and save on your back to school costs.
How do you compare to other Aussie families when it comes to back to school spending?
School holidays generally mean an expensive time of year for many families. We've put together 5 cheap activities your kids can do at home.
If your family is all egg-ed out after Easter, this recipe for 'Leftover Rice Choco Cakes' shared by OzHarvest is a great way to turn chocolate leftovers into something new.

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