4 money-making tips for kids

Earning money can be a great activity to help kids understand the value of money. Here's 4 money-making ideas for kids.

Whether you're saving up for something big, or putting aside some money for a new game or holiday activity, there's lots of ways you can make some extra money to help you reach your goal. There are lots of ways kids can earn extra money, and with a little hard work it's possible for you to save for something you really want! We've put together 4 ideas to help you work hard and save for your goal. Make sure you check with your parents first, before you go ahead with any of the activities, as they'll need to agree that you're old enough and that it's a good idea first. 

1. Do odd jobs for family and friends

Odd jobs you could consider include:

  • Helping friends or family who are going out of town. You could offer to feed their animals, water their plants and/or check their mail.
  • You could mow lawns and do other gardening jobs for friends, family and neighbours.
  • Offer to clean your sibling's room for money. If your siblings don't have any money, then talk to your parents about whether they will help out with a small payment for doing the job.

2. Sell some of the things that you don't want anymore

You could ask your parents if you can have a garage sale, or they could help you list your items on websites like eBay or Gumtree.

3. Do some baking  

Make dog treats and sell them to your friends, family and neighbours.

4. Grow and sell fresh vegetables

You could set up a small stall to sell your items, or you could spread word around about what you're offering. Try starting small with one or two varieties of vegetables or herbs to see how you go. 

Keep track of the jobs you've completed and money you've made via our printable Pocket Money Tracker. 

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