Mowing lawns for money

If you're old enough and your parents agree, mowing lawns might be a great way to earn some extra pocket money.

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If you're old enough and your parents agree, you could mow lawns to earn some extra pocket money. After checking with your parents, the best way to get started is to ask your neighbours if you can mow their lawn for them. Mowing could be a once-off job if your neighbour is going on holidays or is too busy, or it could be a regular job you do for that neighbour. 

Things you need to think about before you start:

  • Whose mower will you use? You could use your parents' mower, or you could use the mower of the person you are mowing for. Check with your parents first and then make a decision on what will be best for everybody.
  • How much will you charge? This will vary depending on the size of the lawn you are mowing and whose lawn mower you are using.
  • Do you need to remove the lawn clippings? Check with the owner of the lawn you are mowing for before you start. 


It is important to ask your parents to show you how to use a lawn mower correctly and safely. Ensure you have all the proper protective gear before you start, like ear muffs, glasses, closed shoes, gloves and sun-protection. 

Too young to mow?

If you're too young to mow the lawn, you could offer to help weed the garden or rake leaves to make some pocket money.

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