Cheap and fun Easter holiday activities

The cost of school holidays can quickly add up. Here's 3 cheap and fun activities to try these school holidays.

Easter activities

Between activities, entertainment, and trips away, the cost of school holidays can quickly add up. If you’re out of ideas these holidays and don’t want to break the bank here are 3 super cute and fun activities to do over the Easter long weekend. Do one or try them all, these activities are set to entertain kids of all ages.

Note: depending on the child’s age these activities may require help from an adult.

1. Easter pikelets


These super cute pikelets (or pancakes) are a great way to celebrate the Easter weekend. With most ingredients already in the house it’s an easy (and cheap) activity the whole family can enjoy making (and eating!).

What you’ll need: pikelet ingredients, toppings such as fruit and yoghurt (depending on child’s age they may need help from an adult). How to make the Easter pikelets:

  1. Make a pikelet or pancake batter from your favourite recipe
  2. Cut fruit and decorate the pikelets, using the image above for inspiration.

2. Easter bunny bunting

This bunting is a great activity for older kids. Cut out Easter shapes with coloured card and either thread or glue them onto a piece of string. An alternative is to use little wooden pegs, which can be found in craft or discount variety stores. Next, you’ll need to glue pom poms on the bunnies for tails. You can either buy premade pom poms or easily make some with yarn and a fork. 

What you’ll need: yarn, a fork, and some scissors (depending on child’s age they may need help from an  adult). How to make the pom pom tails:

  1. Wrap a piece of yarn around the fork
  2. Use a second piece of yarn to tie around the middle of the wrapped yarn
  3. Cut the wrap
  4. Fluff the pom pom, and you’re done!

If  you’re confused, watch this quick YouTube video on how to make a pom pom.

3. Dip dyed eggs


Dip dying eggs is lots of fun, and is also an activity which is steeped in tradition. Do a quick Google search to find out about the history of dying eggs as it could be a great talking point while doing the activity. The dyed eggs make great Easter decorations and are relatively cheap and fun to do. This activity requires the use of boiling water, so if you’ve got young kids it might be a better idea to paint the eggs with craft paint instead.

What you’ll need: hard boiled eggs, vinegar, paper towel (or an old tea towel), baking paper, and food colouring (depending on child’s age they may need help from an adult). How to make the dip dyed eggs:

  1. Create a cup of dye to dip the eggs in by combining ½ a cup of boiling water with 1tsp of vinegar and 10 or so drops of food colouring.
  2. Pop eggs into a dye bath and leave for 3-5 minutes, depending on the colour you want to achieve.
  3. Use a slotted spoon to remove eggs and place onto baking paper. Use the paper towel to blot any excess dye away. 


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