Get to know the Heritage Eco Visa Debit Card

A debit card made from plants, not plastic? It's now available at Heritage Bank.

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Heritage Bank’s Eco Visa Debit Card is primarily made from plant based material and contains no conventional plastic. We are passionate about our planet, and want to do our part in preserving it - and this Visa Debit Card is part of our important sustainability journey to become carbon neutral.

About our Eco Card

These cards are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid) - a plant-based material - or ‘bioplastic’. It is made of 90% plant-based materials, with the remaining 10% consisting of the chip and magnetic strip. These cards are as strong and durable as traditional plastic cards but are far less harmful to the environment as they degrade a lot faster than any other petroleum-based plastics.

The cards are made from fermented plant starch sourced from plants like corn and sugarcane. Although the cards do still require elements like a microchip and antenna to perform their job, the rest of the card is made from plant-based material and will safely break down in landfill without releasing any toxins or microplastics1.

Durability of Eco Cards

We know how important it is that your card is durable, reliable and can cope with the occasional trip through the washing machine. These cards have been designed and tested to make sure they can withstand the same sticky or damp situations a traditional plastic card can. They have also been certified by Visa, so you can feel confident they are right for the job.

Where are the Eco Cards made?

Our Eco Cards are manufactured in Spain. These manufacturers comply with a Code of Conduct and participate in the UN Global Compact which advocates responsibility in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, and anticorruption.

What is the Carbon Impact of Eco Cards?

Producing PLA generates significantly less greenhouse gases, and contains no toxins when compared with traditional plastic cards. It also uses 65% less energy and generates 68% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions than producing traditional plastic, according to an independent study commissioned by Nature-Works2

The Carbon Footprint index for Heritage Bank's Eco Visa Debit Card is 126g CO2 equivalent. By introducing our new Eco Card, we will reduce the amount of plastic we produce by 600kg, that’s the same as 30,000 plastic drink bottles3. This will reduce our carbon emissions by the equivalent of 50 flights from Brisbane to Sydney4

How do I get an Eco Card?

All of our Visa cards are now made from plants, including our Credit CardsBusiness Visa and Business Debit Card. If you are new to Heritage, you'll receive an Eco Visa Debit Card when you open an eligible transaction account. 

If you already bank with Heritage and have a personal or business Visa Debit or Credit Card, you'll receive an Eco Visa Debit Card when your existing PVC card expires.

Questions? Get in touch with us 24/7 on 13 14 22 or visit your local branch.

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Visa Debit Card

Gives you the convenience of a credit card, but the security of using your own money so you can keep control of what you spend. Plus, our Visa Debit Card is now made from plants, not plastic.

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