Club Cheque Account

A low-cost account designed for all not for profit and charitable organisations that are incorporated or have a constitution.   



  • Available to not for profit and charitable organisations that are incorporated have a constitution 
  • No account keeping or transaction fees^
  • 24/7 access to Heritage Online
  • Chequebook access only (Card not available)
  • Free cheque books and duplicate deposit books
  • Use Heritage Online for account enquiries, BPAY® and account transfers
  • Register for a Heritage Online Security Token to authorise payroll batches and creditor batches
  • Open at your local branch or call us on 13 14 22 for information on how to apply
Mozo People's Choice Awards 2022

Interest Rate
$1 or more
interest calculated on daily balances and paid 3 monthly
Interest Rate
Rates Effective From 16/05/2022



 Monthly Account Keeping Fee


 Transaction Fees

Heritage Online Security Token to authorise batch payments

$50 per token, every 3 years. Includes replacement tokens 

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