Scam alerts & fraud protection

Fight scammers with the help of Heritage. Learn how we protect you from fraud and become savvy at identifying scams with our wide range of help guides and security tips. If you suspect a scam, don't hesitate. Call us 24/7 on 13 14 22.

Report a scam

Don't hesitate, report scams 24/7

If you suspect that you've fallen victim to a scam or if any unusual activity has occurred on your accounts, including while using Heritage Online or your Mobile Banking App, contact us immediately on 13 14 22. Our team is available 24/7 and will work quickly to protect your account.

For non-urgent scam reports you can send an email to our Fraud Team at with details of what has happened.

How we protect you

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to take advantage of people. That’s why we’re committed to doing what we can to protect our members around the clock and offer them a secure banking experience. We take a comprehensive approach to combatting fraud across three key areas; Fraud Guard, Transaction Watch and 24/7 Fraud Assist.


Fraud Guard

Our dedicated team of highly skilled, industry trained and accredited professionals perform research into latest scam activity and use this intelligence to inform our fraud detection strategies.

We work closely alongside other financial institutions, the Australian High Tech Crime Centre and the Australian Federal Police to manage threats and provide you with a secure banking experience.


Transaction Watch

We have 24-hour real time detection capability and a dedicated team of Fraud Analysts who will make contact with members when our systems detects suspicious transactions.

Plus, we use network intelligence to monitor risky transactions around the clock.


24/7 Fraud Assist

Report suspicious transactions or activity to us 24/7 by calling 13 14 22.

We investigate concerns raised by our members and assist where possible to recover lost funds, provide assistance to law enforcement agencies to try to identify potential offenders and provide expert advice via our Member Security Centre.

Digital Defence

We’re serious about digital banking security, with a wide range of security features and services designed to keep you safe while banking online. Manage your money on the go with confidence that Heritage has protections in place to help defend your banking from scammers.

Scam alerts

You’ll be updated if we become aware of a serious scam circulating that could impact your accounts at Heritage. We’ll notify you of new scams we've been alerted to, through Heritage Online, our App, website and Facebook page. View our latest scam alerts.

Heritage Online

Heritage Online puts your security first, with a range of security features and services designed to keep you safe while banking online such as fraud prevention technology, secure communications and daily transfer limits. Learn more about Heritage Online.

Mobile Banking App

Our Mobile Banking App is designed to be quick, secure and easy to use on a wide variety of mobile devices. Your funds are protected in the same way as Heritage Online, plus you’ll get access to additional security like device authentication, biometric login options and ability to block certain card payments. Learn more about our Mobile Banking App.

SMS & Email Alerts

We want to make it easier for you to keep up to date with your finances. SMS and Email Alerts makes it even easier to keep track of significant actions on your accounts. When one of your chosen Alerts is triggered, you'll receive real-time notification, to your mobile phone or inbox. Learn more about SMS & Email Alerts.

Automatic Security Notifications

To help keep your banking secure, you'll receive free security notifications via email or SMS if changes are made to your residential or mailing address, mobile number, phone number, email address, statement frequency, Pay Anyone Password, periodic payments or Heritage Online transfer limits. You’ll also receive notifications for other key events. Learn more about our automatic security alerts.

Scam Savvy

While we're committed to providing our members with a secure banking environment, everyone should play a role in combating fraud. This means you need to protect yourself and be vigilant against fraudsters as well.

Are you ready to become scam savvy? We’ve got plenty of information to help you and your loved ones. Together we can help spread scam awareness and reduce the impact scams have on our family and friends.

Quick security tips
Never disclose your personal or account information over the phone, unless you initiated the call or can verify that you're speaking to a trusted provider.
If you move house or change your phone number, make sure you update your details as soon as possible.
Report lost or stolen cards, and chequebooks to us immediately.
Always check your statements and report any suspicious transactions to us immediately.
If you receive a call or email from anyone requesting personal security details like your PIN, CCV number or passwords, be suspicious.
While we may send you information, or confirm receipt of items, by email, Heritage will never send an email that requests you to share personal security details like your card details or passwords.
Our emails to you may contain hyperlinks, but these will never lead you to a website that requires you to input personal details. You will always be able to see a legitimate destination within the link.
In order to meet our obligations of the Spam Act 2003, all emails from Heritage will include an unsubscribe link for you to manage your preferences for contact.
Articles & help guides
Stay scam aware of unknown numbers
Security and scams
Learn how to protect yourself from scams with our wide variety of articles and help guides.

How do I know if I've been a target of fraud or identity theft?

Fraud and identity theft come in many forms, so you need to be constantly vigilant about your financial account and personal information. In particular, we suggest that you:

  • Routinely check your statements for anything unusual and query the institution which issued the statement about any transactions you’re unsure of.
  • Contact us with the details of any suspicious transactions on your Heritage accounts.
  • Take a note of unusual emails or phone calls from organisations you haven’t contacted, particularly if they ask for information about your identity.

If you believe you've fallen victim to fraud or identity theft, please contact us as soon as possible. 

What do I do if I think I've been a target of identity theft?

If you suspect someone has stolen your identify, please contact us as soon as possible. You can also read our guide on what do to if you're a victim of identity theft. 

What do I do if I think my computer has been hacked?

If you believe your computer may have been compromised: 

  • Disconnect your computer from the internet.
  • Contact a reputable, local computer support company and have them fully remove any malicious software. Do not accept the assistance of someone contacting you where you haven’t initially asked for help. 
  • Please contact us, as well as your other financial institutions, as soon as possible.

Any claims resulting from such activity will be assessed on the details of each individual incident.

You can also read our guide on Ways to Bank Securely for tips on keeping your computer safe in the future. 

I’m about to travel overseas; how do I tell Heritage?

Our Fraud Team monitors unusual transactions on our member’s accounts. If you let us know that you will be overseas, we will be in a better position to determine if you are likely to be doing a transaction in a foreign country.

Before leaving on your trip make sure you should check your card and let us know of your travel plans.

Check your card

Check the expiry date of your card and that the magnetic strip on the reverse of the card is not damaged. If the card is due to expire while you plan to be away or is damaged, you may need to arrange with us for a new card prior to your departure.

Let us know of your travel plans

Don't forget to let Heritage Bank know of your travel plans, including countries and dates for travel. 

Here's how: 

  • Call us on 13 14 22
  • Talk to your local branch
  • Submit a secure enquiry after you login to Heritage Online or your Mobile Banking App.

More tips

You can also read our article on Top Tips for International Travel before you go.

What can I do to minimise the risk of fraud with my card?

To help protect yourself from card fraud, read our guide on Ways to Bank Securely.

If you believe your card details have been stolen or if you notice any fraudulent transactions on your account, please contact us.

How can I tell if a website is safe to use with my card?

There are heaps of ways to tell if a website is safe to use with your card. When in doubt, always do your research first. For our top tips, check out our guide on Ways to Bank Securely.

How do I find more about how to prevent being the target of fraud?

The following are official Australian Web sites with more information about fraud: 

You can also follow Heritage on Facebook or LinkedIn for regular scam and security tips.