Guide to travelling more

We’ve got the travel essentials you need to help make your trip as easy as possible.

Be prepared

Where am I going and for how long?

Where you travel to and how long you’re away for will have an impact on a number of things including the overall cost, travel insurance cover you apply for, whether you need visas and how you’ll pay for things while you’re away. You'll also need to consider whether the area you're travelling to has any pandemic restrictions, and seek Government advice on what you'll need to do upon your return home.

How can I finance my holiday?

It can be a good idea to consider how you will finance your holiday upfront, before you get too far down the planning route. Scroll down further for lots of information about financing a holiday.   

Before taking off

I’m about to travel overseas; how do I tell Heritage?

Our Fraud Team monitors unusual transactions on our member’s accounts. If you let us know that you will be overseas, we will be in a better position to determine if you are likely to be doing a transaction in a foreign country.

Before leaving on your trip make sure you should check your card and let us know of your travel plans.

Check your card

Check the expiry date of your card and that the magnetic strip on the reverse of the card is not damaged. If the card is due to expire while you plan to be away or is damaged, you may need to arrange with us for a new card prior to your departure.

Let us know of your travel plans

Don't forget to let Heritage Bank know of your travel plans, including countries and dates for travel. 

Here's how: 

  • Call us on 13 14 22
  • Talk to your local branch
  • Submit a secure enquiry after you login to Heritage Online or your Mobile Banking App.

More tips

You can also read our article on Top Tips for International Travel before you go.

Knowing the cost

How much will I need?

Destination, length of travel, if you’re taking a family, and the activities you want to do while you’re away will all impact on the cost of your holiday. Considerations include:

  • Visas
  • Flights
  • Hotel transfers
  • Taxis and other transport
  • Car rental
  • Peak travel times
  • Activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Accommodation

Keeping holiday costs down

There are a number of ways you can keep costs down on a holiday. Remember, it will pay to do your research. For example, taking a flight these days doesn’t necessarily mean a more expensive holiday than going on a road trip. If you are itching to get overseas consider costs associated with certain destinations. 
Look out for deals and take advantage of free holiday experiences such as walking tours, parks, the beach, and other free initiatives such as museums. 

Travelling during peak periods can make a real difference to cost. Peak periods will depend on seasons, school holidays and other local events. You can find out when a peak period is by doing research on sites such as Lonely Planet. 

Paying for your holiday

Holidays can be financed in a number of ways, including with your savings, a credit card, a personal loan, or a combination of these options. How you pay for your holiday will depend on your personal situation with regards to how much you have, how much you need, and your ability to pay back borrowed money.

Using savings

By using your savings to pay for your holiday you have the benefit of not having to apply for finance, or pay fees or interest associated with that finance.

Do I need to borrow money?

Once you have worked out a budget for your holiday you will have a better idea of whether you will need to consider borrowing money and how much this will cost you. If the trip is a last-minute decision, a personal loan could help you get going sooner.

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow for your holiday will depend on a number of things. This includes your savings account history, your credit history and your ability to pay back a loan, plus interest.

Why use a credit card?

Using a credit card to pay for things before you go is usually a good way to keep money in your savings account for longer, as long as you pay off the amount before the due date. Credit cards are widely accepted around the world, which makes payment easy. However, it’s important to understand conversion fees and expect that not all merchants will take credit card payments. 

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