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The New Payments Platform (NPP) Australia is the new payments infrastructure being introduced across the Australian financial industry that will make getting paid or paying someone a lot simpler and faster. No more waiting for up to several days for payments to be ‘cleared’ between financial institutions.

Heritage customers are now able to send money via NPP faster payments using the Heritage Mobile App.


  • NPP is a new simpler, faster way to pay 
  • Funds are received on average in under 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Receive payments to your email address or Australian mobile number
  • Send money via NPP faster payments 
  • Longer transaction message - including emojis
  • High security and fraud prevention measures
Getting Started

To get started, check your mobile number and email address are up-to-date with Heritage. Then download the Heritage Mobile Banking App and select PayID under the main menu. 

1. Open the main menu in the Heritage Mobile Banking App and select PayID. 

2. Select the type of PayID (mobile number or email address) you want to create and enter the details.

3. When confirming your PayID details we will provide you a PayID Shortname, a shortened version of your account name. The Shortname will help the payee to identify your name when making payments to your PayID.

4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions to create a PayID.

5. You will receive a One Time Password to complete the creation of the PayID.

A confirmation message will appear on the mobile app screen when you complete setting up your PayID. Heritage will create your PayID immediately on your account, however there may be a minor delay for the NPP addressing service to update. 

You may also set up to receive NPP transaction notifications in Heritage Online for added security.

You can lock your active PayID if you wish to temporarily stop it receiving payments. Simply jump into the PayID menu in the Mobile Banking App to lock or unlock your pay ID.

If you are having difficulties, please contact us for assistance. 

Your PayID will remain active and can still receive NPP Payments until you choose to de-register it. To close your PayID:


1. Open the main menu in the Mobile Banking App and select PayID. 

2. Select the PayID you wish to close

3. Select Close PayID


If you close your Heritage account, we will automatically close any PayID's that are linked to your account. If you close your PayID by mistake, you will need to recreate your PayID again if you wish to use it.

If you are switching accounts you can simply transfer your PayID. This allows you to still receive NPP Payments while the PayID Transfer is taking place.

1. Enable the ‘Transfer PayID’ option in the Heritage Mobile Banking App.

2. Complete the transfer process by setting up your your PayID for your other Heritage account or membership, or at another financial institution. 

3. Payments will switch automatically to your new account.

Once you select the ‘Transfer PayID’ option, you have 14 days to recreate your PayID. If you do not transfer it within 14 days, the transfer process will expire and your PayID will remain linked to its original account. 

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NPP General FAQ's
Frequently asked questions about the New Payments Platform (NPP), PayID and Security. 
NPP Faster Payments Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for use including transaction limits, PayID and Osko.