How to keep your money & valuables safe overseas 

Holidays; we work all year to save for them, and spend months looking forward to them. But before you can recline with drink in-hand, there’s a few things to prepare.

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 When you're on holidays, you don’t want anything causing you stress. Least of all losing your money or valuables like jewellery, phone or camera. Here’s some simple ways to organise yourself and your possessions, so you can focus on having the trip of a lifetime.

Preparing to head off

Prepare your bank cards

Before you jet-off, make sure you’ve got the bank cards that you’d need to travel with all sorted. Consider having two options on hand, something like both a travel card with pre-loaded funds and a credit card for other purchases where additional transaction security and simple support is available, should keep you covered while you’re away.

Prepare travel insurance

You’ll be wanting to cover everything from your camera to your kicks, and so it’s important to consider travel insurance before you fly. Your cash, possessions and health can be covered, so it’s worth looking in to so that you can head off on your adventures hassle-free.

How to pay

Carry cash

It’s unavoidable, you’ll need cash when you’re away. Whether it’s for tips, tuk tuks or road-side chicken skewers, prepare yourself with cash. However, keep your cash sensible, only carry small amounts for what you need for a couple of days.

Use ATMs sensibly

To carry cash, you need to locate and use local ATMs, so make sure the ones you use are in reputable and bright areas, to help reduce the risk of card skimming. Withdrawing a sensible amount of cash to cover a couple of days of spending will assist to reduce incurring international withdrawal fees and limit your loss of funds should you lose your wallet.

Mix it up with a credit card

While cash and travel cards are helpful for budgeting and flexibility, mixing up payments with your credit card can be a good idea for security. Many have fast helplines for loss, as well as other benefits for using abroad.

Find safe Wi-Fi

When you’re accessing any of your banking apps, keep away from sly looking Wi-Fi, and make sure it’s safe to use with your banking information.  If you are unsure, it is safer not to use any banking applications.

Keep your valuables safe

Keep your possessions on you

Now, it may not look pretty slick by the pool, but money wallets can be the way to go to keep your valuables safe. Obviously it makes sense wearing them under clothes to keep them discreet, too. Most of all, make sure that your items are out of sight in a backpack and secure. When flying, keep all valuables in your hand luggage where possible.

Don’t brandish your belongings

It’s one thing being proud of your new waterproof phone, it’s another to have it out on display for all to see while travelling. Make sure to keep your items to yourself, and keep opportunistic thieves away.

Blend in with the locals

When we travel, we have a knack of standing out like a sore thumb, bum bags and all. Make sure that you don’t look like an obvious tourist, and try to look comfortable in public places. Swap the backpack for a smaller bag in the evening, and no socks and sandals.

With these tips, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. If you do find yourself in an unfortunate position where you have lost your cards, make sure to contact your bank as soon as possible so that they can lock your cards and follow these steps for what to do when you lose a credit card. Remember, if you've misplaced your Heritage card, you can temporary lock or block certain transactions on the go with our Mobile Banking App.

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