Securing your home and belongings from theft

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, more than 200,000 Aussie homes are broken into annually. Sadly, the possibility of this theft increases over the holiday season. 

Research has revealed the most burgled items in Australia over the last decade have changed, to reflect our growing penchant for technology. These ‘hot items’ include things like laptops, phones, video game consoles, cameras, TVs, jewellery, and watches. This is because they’re not just valuable; they’re more portable and easier for a burglar to sell.

It is important for homeowners and renters not to be complacent. Discussing your home and contents insurance with Heritage Bank can help you to make sure you have the right cover, as some items such as mobile phones and jewellery will require to be listed on the policy to be insured for their full value. 

If you’re planning on going on holidays, it is a good time to review your current policy coverage. If you’re planning on going on holidays over a long period of time, you may need to notify your insurer. Depending on how many days you are away, this could affect your cover,  We can help you to find out more about how this may impact you. 

As for additional measures you can take to safeguard your home and possessions, don’t leave expensive gifts like technology, jewellery, or cash vulnerable to thieving eyes. Since thieves might attempt to peer into your home, keep your valuable items out of sight before you head out. 

Burglars also don’t want to spend a long in your home, preferring to quickly swipe items they can easily spot and carry – like car keys. According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, a car is stolen every 12 minutes in Australia. Either they’ll swipe the keys and immediately drive off with it, or they’ll return later to do so. Make sure to store any car keys in a difficult place to find, to help reduce your chances of losing them to theft. 

As good as your hiding spots may be, you might want to consider installing a home security system. An effective one should feature door and window sensors, glass-break detectors, motion sensors, and for an additional layer of protection, consider video surveillance as it may help police identify the offender if there is a break-in.

If you would like to discuss your insurance needs, contact Heritage on 13 14 22 or learn more about our Insurance products online today.

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