Body Corporate Accounts

Manage body corporate funds with either a Body Corporate Account or a Body Corporate Special Account.

Account Features

Heritage has two accounts specifically designed for individual body corporate organisations and body corporate managers:

1. Body Corporate Account – an interest earning account

2. Body Corporate Special Account – earns no interest

Both accounts function in the same way, except that one earns interest and one does not. The Body Corporate Special Account has been developed in response to body corporate groups and managers not wanting the account to earn interest for tax reasons. 
Please read the Guide to Heritage Deposit Products and the Heritage Bank Fees and Limits Guide (available in branch, or by phoning 13 14 22 or here ) and consider whether this product is right for you.
Interest Rate
working rate
term rates (in addition to working rate):
$1 to $9,999
$10,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $249,999
$250,000 to $499,999
$500,000 or more
tiered interest rates calculated on daily balances and paid 3 monthly on the anniversary date. term rates available only on funds remaining in account for 3 months minimum.
Rates Effective From 24/08/2016

Body Corporate Special  
Account keeping fee $0
Heritage on-line banking $0
Heritage Access Line phone banking $0
SMS Account Enquiries $0
There are no transaction fees on this account  
Body Corporate    
Account keeping fee   $0
Transaction Type Monthly fee Free Zone Fee per excess transaction
Heritage on-line banking Unlimited Free
Heritage Access Line phone banking Unlimited Free
 SMS Account Enquiries Unlimited Free
Direct credits Unlimited Free
Direct debits Unlimited Free
Cheque deposits Unlimited Free
Counter cash deposits Unlimited Free
Heritage ATM withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries Unlimited Free
 Presented cheques 10 $1.00
Counter cash withdrawals, transfers and BPAY 10 $1.00
EFTPOS 10 $1.00
SMS Alerts 0 $0.25
Bank@Post balance enquiries 0 $3.00
Bank@Post cash withdrawals 0 $3.00
Bank@Post cheque deposits  0 $3.00
Bank@Post cash deposits 0 $3.00
Non-Heritage counter withdrawals (Visa) 0 $2.50
 Overseas ATM or counter withdrawals (Visa)  0 $5.00 plus 3% overseas currency conversion fee
# Members within a residential postcode recorded by Heritage within the range 0000 to 3999, 4385 to 9999 or 4311, 4312, 4313, 4360 and 4361 may make unlimited Bank@Post transactions without attracting transaction fees for these transactions.    
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