Heritage Bank extends roll-out of Eco Cards

From 1 March 2023, Heritage Visa Credit cards, and Heritage Business Visa Debit cards joined the Bank’s Eco Card range.

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1 March 2023

Heritage Bank has expanded its range of Eco Cards, to now include Heritage Visa Credit Cards, and Business Visa Debit Cards.

Heritage launched the first of its plant-based Visa Debit Eco Cards in December last year and from 1 March this year extended the roll-out across more of its products.

The Eco Cards are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid) - a plant-based material – and are just as durable as conventional PVC plastic cards, but gentle on the planet. 

Manufacturing Eco Cards uses 65% less energy and produces 68% fewer greenhouse gases when compared with plastic cards, according to an independent study commissioned by Nature-Works1. At the end of their life cycle, these cards will degrade up to 20 times faster and release no toxins into the environment.

In keeping with Heritage’s environmentally conscious approach and reducing waste, the new Eco Cards will only be issued to members on eligible products when they current card expires or for new accounts. 

More information about the Eco Cards is available at heritage.com.au/ecocard . Or visit heritage.com.au/about/sustainability to find more about sustainability at Heritage.

1 Source: https://www.natureworksllc.com/

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