Calendar House

Heritage Bank's annual charity calendar raises money for charities and community organisations.

About our support

Heritage Bank has a rich history of putting People first and supporting the communities we operate in. Our annual charity calendar is one of the many ways we show this commitment. Since 1982, our annual calendar house has raised more than $388,000 for worthy charities.

Each year Heritage selects a historically significant Queensland home to feature on its printed calendar. An artist paints a portrait of the home, which then appears on the calendar, accompanied by a brief story on the home’s history and significance. All but two of the portraits have been painted by the same artist, Cliff Sheldrake.

Calendars are made available for a limited time at our Heritage branch locations and Heritage members and the general public are encouraged to pick up a copy for a gold coin donation. The donations are then presented to selected charity partners.

The five charity groups that will benefit from the monies raised in 2024 are:

  • St Vincent’s Hospital, Toowoomba who aim to offer the best possible care, from pre-admission to discharge.
  • East New Britain Qld community Inc, which supports PNG residents to connect, educate & inspire.
  • StreetMed based in Parramatta NSW, provides street-level mental health and first aid care.
  • Tony’s Kitchen which provides an evening meal, for those who are homeless, experiencing economic stress, or isolation.
  • Serve Our People (SOP) supports those in need delivering anything to anyone in need.
Former Toowoomba boutique hotel features on Heritage Bank calendar

A heritage-listed former boutique hotel in Toowoomba with a 150-year history, which is now being converted back into a family home, will feature on Heritage Bank’s annual calendar in 2024.