Selling Your Home Discharge Authority Form

If you are selling your home or a secured property, it’s important to tell us so we can be prepared with all the documentation you need. You will need to complete a Discharge Authority Property Sold Form and return it to us at least 10 working days before settlement.

All parties to the loan, including guarantors, need to sign this form that will enable us to prepare all Release of Mortgage documents. This will ensure we’re all ready for settlement day.

Repayments in Full and Refinancing

If you are:

  • repaying or have repaid your loan in full or
  • refinancing your loan to another financier

you will need to complete other specific forms such as a Refinance Authority or a Loan Repaid Document Request Form.

Please contact our Specialised Banking Services on 13 14 22 to find out which forms you will need to complete. Learn more about how to close an account with Heritage Bank.

Partial Release

If you are not repaying your loan/s in full on release of a Security property, you will need to apply to for a Partial Release of Security or Substitution of Security. To process either of these applications, we will require additional notice of settlement. To receive a copy of these applications, please contact us. This will also be a good time to review the ongoing management of your loan.