Heritage Online Help Centre

With eStatements you can receive and view your account statements electronically using Heritage Online and no longer receive a paper statement by post. 

To take advantage of eStatements and save paper, simply register for eStatements when you log in on Heritage Online on your mobile browser or desktop device.

1. Go to the Services menu and click on the Manage eStatements menu item.

2. Select which accounts you would like to receive an eStatement for. Some account types may not be eligible for eStatements (see note below).

3. Once registered, you'll be able to View eStatements for applicable accounts as a PDF file that you can print or save to your computer, if you wish. To read/ open the statements you will require a pdf reader. Some available options are Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader. 

Note: Due to legislative requirements, loan, credit card and line of credit accounts for multiple parties require written consent to receive eStatements only. To do so please complete and return the eStatements Application for Registration Form.

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