How to save money using tradies around your house

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There’s a popular meme that gets shared on social media that says, “If you thought hiring a professional was expensive, try hiring an amateur.” There is a lot of truth to that meme, especially when using tradies. Using professional tradies around your house will save you money because they are the experts who can get the job done right, the first time.

The reality is time is money for tradies. Once you pay a call out fee, you pay per hour or part there-of when a tradie is working at your home. It’s important to ensure you’re using your tradie efficiently and getting the most work out of them because each minute wasted is a minute you have to pay for.

Whether you’re renovating or getting a simple job fixed at home, here are four ways on how you can save money using tradies around your house.

1. Prepare the site

If you’re paying your tradie by the hour, you want to avoid paying them for preparing the site so they can work. As a plumber, clients would often call me to fix a leak under their sink. In order to investigate or fix the leak, I’d have to remove all the bottles of cleaner and detergent, which added time and subsequently cost to the job. Clear the clutter so tradies have easy access to get on with the job. Offer to put it all back once they leave to save more labour costs on the invoice.

If you’re renovating and paying by the hour instead of a set price, move the furniture and belongings out of the area so the space is ready for work. You want to be paying your tradie for the work they are licensed to do, not work that you could do yourself.

2. Be Decisive and Organised

Be clear on what it is you want before you have your tradie arrive. If you require new taps installed, decide on what style you wish to replace the old taps with. You can organise to have the materials on site so the moment your tradie arrives they can get to work.

In some cases, your tradesperson maybe able to get a discount on the fixtures or products you require. It’s a good idea to get your own personal quote and a quote from the tradie to compare costs.  

3. Group Jobs Together

To avoid paying multiple call-out fees, keep a list of jobs around the house that need to be done so they can be done in the one call-out. For example if you’ve organized a plumber to unblock a drain, check the taps to see if washers need to be replaced, check for leaks on your hot water unit and check your gutters for rust spots. Make a list of jobs that need to be done so you can give it to the tradie and they can fix them in one go.

4. Pitch in

Depending on the job, there may be some labour involved that doesn’t require a license to be completed. Digging holes for posts or wheelbarrowing sand can help save time and thus labour costs associated with the job. The extra help is often warmly received.

It’s always important to check that the tradie you engage with has the correct license to do the work required. If you have a specialist job, ensure they are experienced in what you need to be done. The more experienced a tradie is with your particular job request, the quicker they will be able to complete the job. 

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