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Use our printable home buyer brainstorm sheet to help get your thoughts onto paper.

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When buying a property it’s important to not only know how much you can borrow, but to also have a clear picture on what it is you want in a property. Knowing which features are negotiable and which are non-negotiable will help keep your head and heart in check when it comes to shopping for a property. This is particularly important if you are purchasing a property with a partner, family member or friend, as it can act as a reference point if you are finding it hard to agree on a property.


We’ve put together this handy printable to help you consider what it is you want in your property.

Home Buyer Checklist to help with brainstorming


Download the printable sheet

While property hunting is an exciting process, filled with emotion, it’s important to remember the cost of a property will determine your repayments and have an effect on your weekly, monthly and yearly budget – so it’s important to be clear with what you want, as well as the budget you can afford. Our home loan borrowing power calculator can help you crunch the numbers. 

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