What are hydrogen fuel cell cars?

If you’re considering switching to an alternative fuel vehicle, you may be researching what choices you have. If you aren’t in a rush to get your new car, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs for short) may be an option for you. Here’s why.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Okay, so picture this - you're driving a car that runs on fuel made from water. No, you're not driving it into a river or a lake or anything like that. You're driving a car that uses something called a "hydrogen fuel cell" that converts fuel into energy through an electrochemical reaction with hydrogen gas and oxygen. How cool is that?

Here's how it works: First, you fill up your car with hydrogen gas, which is stored in a special tank. Then, the hydrogen gas goes into the fuel cell, which combines it with oxygen from the air to create a chemical reaction. This reaction produces electricity, which powers an electric motor that moves the car. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles only produce tailpipe water vapour and heat, meaning they produce zero noxious and greenhouse gas emissions. So not only are you driving a car that could be better for the environment, but you're also driving a car that's quiet and smooth. 

How do I fill up a hydrogen fuel cell car?

The big question though, where do you fill up your new hydrogen car? Well, there only a few hydrogen fuel stations in Australia currently, with focus on helping the heavy transport industry reduce their emissions. This means that there is no widespread for the sale of hydrogen cars in Australia (yet!). Some manufacturers have begun making FCEV’s for use in the USA, and for special order request into Australia where there is access to hydrogen stations. 

When hydrogen vehicles and refueling stations become more accessible in Australia, filling up with hydrogen in will be just as easy as filling up with petrol (particularly in metro areas).

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are an alternative fuel car to keep an eye out for, but you may be on the waiting list for a little while. You can learn more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles on the Australian Governments Green Vehicle guide. If you don't want to wait for a hydrogen fuel cell car, then an electric vehicle may be an option to consider in the short term.

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