Fake QR codes scam alert

A new wave of scamming Australians is spreading rapidly – QR code tampering.

5 December

Paying for a burger could be fattening the wallets of scammers.

A new wave of scamming Australians is spreading rapidly – QR code tampering.   Cybercriminals are altering QR codes at respected restaurants, parking facilities and other businesses, or creating fake QR code reader apps that direct people to scam websites.

Unsuspecting customers, thinking they are paying for food or other services, are being tricked into handing over their financial information and personal details to scammers. 

Remember, scanning a QR code is just like clicking a link.  Scammers redirect people to fraudulent sites by using tampered QR codes, or fake QR code reader apps – it’s that simple.

Be Alert

  • Use the ‘Camera’ function on your device to scan QR codes, instead of downloading other QR code reader apps.
  • After scanning a QR code, pay attention to the website you are being redirected to.  If it looks suspicious, close the site immediately.
  • Never download any software after scanning a QR code.  Always head to official app stores.
  • Check QR codes have not been pasted over an original. Be wary of sites asking for personal information.  Protect against identity theft.

If you believe your details have been compromised, contact Heritage Bank immediately.  The faster you act the quicker we can help.


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