Stay aware of impersonation scams

We're contacting our members about our proposed merger by phone, email and mail. Unfortunately, scammers may take advantage of this time to impersonate us to fraudulently obtain sensitive financial information.

18 October 2022

Heritage is aware that there have been instances of scammers starting to target a number of our members, using our proposed merger with People’s Choice as the way to try to fraudulently obtain sensitive financial information.

The scammers are ringing members pretending to be from People’s Choice or Heritage. They are telling members the merger has happened and that they need their financial details to migrate the accounts across.

Heritage can confirm that we will NEVER ask our members to provide sensitive personal or financial information over the phone.

People should never disclose data such as account numbers, passwords or PINS.

If you receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from Heritage or People’s Choice and asking for such information, DO NOT respond. Hang up and report the call to us.
Members should also be aware that as part of our merger vote support process, we are currently making phone calls to a significant number of our members, to raise awareness on the benefits of our merger proposal, offer assistance with the voting process, and to answer any questions.

Members should not confuse these legitimate calls with the scam attempts. 

Here is how you can tell the difference:

  • The legitimate calls will all come from the one number – (07) 3737 1484 - which will be visible to the member receiving the call. The callers will identify themselves as coming from Heritage and will address the members by their full name. The callers will NOT ask for any personal or financial information.
  • The scam calls will come from a “private” number, or from a number that comes from another part of Australia or overseas. These callers may identify themselves as coming from People’s Choice or Heritage, and may not have the member’s name. These callers will ask for sensitive financial information, on the premise of helping to migrate accounts as part of the merger.

If you have any concerns or doubts about the legitimacy of a call, please ring our Contact Centre on 13 14 22. Learn more about our proposed merger.

Heritage and People's Choice have officially merged to create a new national mutual that offers a compelling alternative to the big banks, and we'd like to share our new brand with you.
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