PayTo is coming soon to Heritage

Heritage will soon be introducing a simplified new way to manage automatic payments.

PayTo Australia

22 June 2023

Heritage will soon be introducing PayTo, a simplified new way to manage your automatic payments.  

PayTo is a new service that gives you more control over your regular payments, such as your monthly gym membership fees, by allowing you to authorise and view your payment agreements digitally.

It will be offered by banks, financial institutions, and payment service providers, and was developed by NPP Australia.

When the service is launched at Heritage, it will be available in our Mobile Banking App. 

PayTo will be available for payments at participating businesses. This may include recurring bills that were typically paid through direct debit, or in-app and online purchases that previously relied on your card details. We are preparing this service early in readiness for more and more business to adopt PayTo into the future.

PayTo will deliver many benefits for our members. You will be able to see all your PayTo payment agreements in one place. Plus, you will be able to easily authorise, decline or manage your agreements with a touch of a button via the app. On two-to-sign accounts, members will be able to view their agreements and our Contact Centre will assist with any changes.

When a PayTo agreement is set up, your account is validated in real-time, so you can be sure that your account details are correct. You will also receive notification when a new PayTo agreement requires your attention.

This delivers greater value for both members and businesses. PayTo payments are processed in real-time, every day, 24/7 which helps to improve business efficiencies and cashflow.

More information will be available when PayTo is launched at Heritage later this year.

PayTo has arrived at Heritage Bank

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