Heritage reaffirms commitment to putting people first with new member charter

1 July 2021

Heritage Bank has today unveiled its new member charter, reaffirming its commitment to putting people first and providing outstanding banking experiences.

The new member charter outlines nine key principles demonstrating Heritage’s service commitment and reinforcing its people-focussed philosophy. Importantly, it provides a clear description of how Heritage promises to work for its customers, including managing expectations about products and services, standards of quality and conflict resolution.  

Heritage Bank CEO Mr Peter Lock said outlining its commitment in writing sent a strong message that Heritage was authentic in its resolve to deliver for its members.

“When people join Heritage, they also become a part of an organisation with strong core values and principles,” he said.

“The member charter embodies what Heritage stands for. It provides guiding principles of our authentic commitment to how we serve our community, and how we will provide our members with outstanding banking experiences.”

“As a customer-owned bank, our success is dependent on our members, their experiences with us, and their trust in us as an organisation. 

“We encourage mutual respect, cooperation and communication so our charter also includes our expectations that members extend the same courtesy in their dealings with us. 

“At Heritage, we don’t shy away from being responsive, progressive, authentic and socially generous.  This charter is our way of showing our passion for helping people and how we deliver this.”

Heritage Bank’s member charter is available here.

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