Heritage Bank credit card transfer offer provides Aussies with 12 months interest free

25 November 2020

Switch your credit card over to Heritage Bank and you could make a tidy saving, thanks to a 12-month interest free offer that launches today (Wednesday, 25 October)

From today (Wednesday, 25 November), Heritage is offering 12 months at 0% interest on its Gold Low Rate and Platinum Credit Cards. 

The offer is available to both new and existing Heritage Bank members who wish to transfer their credit card from another Australian financial institution. 

It’s just another way that Heritage is helping people to manage their finances – which has never been more important than in the current climate.

CEO Peter Lock said the COVID pandemic had seen many people having to take a different approach to their finances  

“Credit cards remain a fantastic back-up option, especially in times of emergency,” he said. 

“Our new offer allows people to move the money they already owe to a new Heritage credit card without having to worry about the additional stress of paying interest for 12 months. 

“By consolidating debt onto one credit card with our current offer, there is also the benefit of fewer fees and easier account management with fewer banking products to manage.”

Mr Lock said credit cards still had an important role to play, despite the growing popularity of buy now pay later services. 

“If you’re diligent about paying your bills on time and managing your finances, credit cards can be a helpful tool to make purchases, earn perks and rewards, and grow your credit history,” he said.

“Buy now pay later services seem attractive but miss any payments and the late fees can soon add up. Plus there is usually no credit check to make sure you can afford the debt you’re locking yourself into, so you can quickly find yourself in over your head if you aren’t careful.”

Mr Lock reiterated the importance of long-term budgeting to help reduce financial and emotional stress in the face of the unexpected. 

“We want to support our members in making informed financial decisions and finding the products that best suit their needs. 

“Aside from this current offer, Heritage already has very attractive interest rates on personal loans and credit cards, to make it easier for people to manage their finances

“Together with our personalised and award-winning service, you can count on Heritage to have your interests in mind when you need help to look after your financial affairs.”

Anyone considering this offer should view the full list of terms and conditions on the Heritage Bank website.

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