Heritage matches customer's generous World's Greatest Shave donation

Heritage customer donates $1000 prize and his beloved locks to World's Greatest Shave.

20 March 2019 

One generous customer is donating the $1000 prize he won in a Heritage Bank competition to the World’s Greatest Shave - as well as losing his dreadlocks and long beard for the cause.

Paul Askin, a customer of our Range Branch, had his dreadlocks and beard cut to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave.

He and wife Lisa won a Heritage Credit Card campaign for November/December which saw $1000 put back on their credit card.

Once informed of the news, Mr Askin revealed he would donate the money to his World’s Greatest Shave fundraising efforts.

Inspired by his generosity, Heritage Bank has matched the $1000 donation to the World’s Greatest Shave, which raises money for research and to help support the families of those with blood cancer.

Mr Askin had not had a hair cut for years and had grown his beard for about 12 months before he had it all cut off for the cause at Withcott Hotel.

“I decided it was time for a hair cut and thought it would be great if I could do it for a cause,” he said.

And the $2000 contribution from Heritage Bank and Mr Askin was all in the timing as his Heritage Credit Card campaign win came in the lead up to the World’s Greatest Shave.

“I was glad to win it. I didn’t need the money immediately so I thought I could donate it to the cause and it was great Heritage could match it,” he said.

Heritage Range Branch manager Johan Gillen was impressed with Mr Askin’s generosity.

“I think it’s great that he has donated the money and that we were able to match it for a good cause,” Mr Gillen said.

Heritage Bank offers a great range of credit card products. Go to www.heritage.com.au to find out more.

PHOTO CAPTION: Range branch customer Paul Askin before and after participating in World's Greatest Shave.

Range branch customer and credit card campaign winner Paul Askin ahead of donating his prize to World's Greatest Shave.
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