Heritage Bank rolls out new look internet banking platform

Heritage Bank today officially launched the new version of our internet banking platform, Heritage Online.

20 July 2017

Heritage Bank today officially launched the new version of our internet banking platform, Heritage Online. 

Heritage initially released the new version last month, only to encounter technical glitches that caused some customers to experience slow loading and timeouts.

We quickly reverted back to the previous version to avoid impacts on customers. 

We’ve addressed those technical bugs and the new version is now running properly.

As a result we’ve decided to officially switch over to the new version.

Why update Heritage Online?

We’ve updated Heritage Online as part of our commitment to making it easier, more convenient and safer when you use internet banking. 

Updating software versions helps ensure you have access to the latest features and fixes any bugs or potential vulnerabilities in older versions. 

What’s new?

  • The new Heritage Online includes important security updates (not available in the old version) to help protect you from online scammers and keep your information secure. 

  • We’ve also redesigned Heritage Online to improve compatibility with mobile devices. This means it adapts to suit your device screen size and orientation, making it even easier for you to access and view the full version of internet banking when you’re on the go.  

  • We’ve listened to your feedback and made a few minor functionality changes including:
    • Combining internal Heritage transfers and Inter-bank Transfers into one page, 
    • Splitting periodic payments into two different pages (BPAY® and internal/external transfers)
    • Merging Visa Authorisations into the transaction listing page for applicable accounts.
Customers will still have access to the old version of Heritage Online if they need it however it will be turned off soon.

For more information about the new version of Heritage Online visit https://www.heritage.com.au/personal/accessing-your-account/online-banking.
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