Heritage Bank launches HOVA into market

It’s the wearable payment device that could change the way you go shopping – and it’s now available to Heritage Bank customers.

4 October 2017

It’s the wearable payment device that could change the way you go shopping – and it’s now available to Heritage Bank customers.

Heritage has this week announced a limited release of the HOVA – a payments band you can wear on your wrist that you can use to make payments straight from your transaction account.

The launch follows a successful customer trial earlier this year. 

The HOVA is a wrist band with an embedded chip that provides the same functionality as a normal plastic credit or debit card. It allows users to leave their wallet or phone at home and make a purchase simply by “hovering” the device over a contactless payment terminal. 

This is a limited promotional campaign to launch HOVA so there is only a limited stock available in this initial release. 

Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said, “We’re thrilled to be the first Australian financial institution to offer this technology to customers.

“What’s different about HOVA is that it links directly to your Visa debit account, unlike other wearables that require users to load money onto a prepaid card. 

“The beauty of HOVA is that it works just like a Visa Debit card, but it’s conveniently strapped to your wrist like a watch. Because it contains a Visa payWave chip, it’s a great option for people who don't have the right kind of watch or who don't want to carry their phone with them.

“We’re excited to give people another option in how to make payments.”

Key information:
The band uses the same “tap and go “contactless technology as Visa debit cards with a chip securely inserted inside.
The band is waterproof and made of food-grade silica gel, meeting worldwide health and safety requirements.
Just like any other payWave transaction there is a $100 limit, although wearers can still use the band for transactions above that amount by entering a PIN.
The payment band can be used wherever Visa payWave is accepted, in Australia or overseas, and is backed by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.
The band is linked to a customer’s everyday transaction account and operates as a Visa debit card. 
If the wristband is lost or stolen, the account can be immediately suspended or cancelled through the Heritage Bank mobile banking app, by visiting a branch or calling the Contact Centre. 

For more information about HOVA click here.
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