Heritage Bank Crows Nest helps local students find recipe for success

Students from Crows Nest State School are honing their gardening and cooking skills with a helping hand from Heritage Bank Crows Nest Community Branch.

1 September 2017

Students from Crows Nest State School are honing their gardening and cooking skills with a helping hand from Heritage Bank Crows Nest Community Branch.

Heritage Bank Crows Nest Community Branch and joint venture partner Progressive Community Crows Nest (PCCN) provided Crows Nest State School with a community grant of $6,400 to develop a unique horticulture and cooking program called “Grow Cook Taste”.

Spearheaded by Crows Nest State School teacher Ashley Genrich and local chef Kate Nicholas, Grow Cook Taste is now in its second semester and has been extended from the high school to the primary school. 
“We are so grateful for the support from Heritage Bank Crows Nest and PCCN,” Mr Genrich said.

“These funds have helped us to create this unique hands-on program for our students. It’s a point of difference for our school and something we’re very proud of.

“The students have a hand in everything – from growing the produce in our dedicated gardens to then using this food in a cooking class. They learn about horticulture, food preparation, how to create different flavours, knife safety skills and much more.

“It provides a real sense of achievement for the students to be part of the process from start to finish.”  

The students showed off their impressive skills recently, inviting staff from Heritage Bank to view the gardens built from the grant, and then judge a cooking competition between the students and teachers. 
Heritage Crows Nest Branch Sales and Service Manager Aimee Skaines said, “We were thoroughly impressed with the skills and passion shown by the students taking part in this unique program. 

“We’re a close-knit community and have built really strong relationships with our customers. It’s so rewarding for us to have the opportunity to support fantastic initiatives like Grow Cook Taste.

“The beauty of being a community branch is that the more people bank with us, the more we are able to give back through grants and sponsorship. It’s all about working together to achieve great things.”

Heritage Bank’s Crows Nest and Highfields branches operate under the community branch model as a joint-venture between Heritage Bank and the local community, represented by a company called PCCN (Progressive Community Crows Nest). Under the Heritage model, the community company’s share of profits is given back as grants to community organisations, charities and worthy causes.

If your community group is from the Highfields or Crows Nest area and would like to apply for a Community Grant, please get in touch with Heritage Bank’s Crows Nest on 07 4698 2700 or the Highfields Branch on 07 4696 8666 

For more information about the Grow Cook Taste program contact Scott Edmunds, Crows Nest State School Principal, 07 4698 3111; the.principal@crownestss.eq.edu.au  
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