Elect how to be sent copies of Annual Reports & Notices of General Meetings

Use our online form to tell us how you'd like to be sent certain corporate documents such as our Annual Reports and Notices of General Meetings.

Members can elect to have certain corporate documents sent to them in either electronic or physical form, or elect not to be sent some corporate documents at all.

Generally, if you have provided us with an email address, we will send you corporate documents by email or send you an email telling you where you can access them electronically. If you wish to continue to be sent documents in this way, you do not need to do anything. If you wish to update your preferences, use our online form.

Update my preferences 

Which documents can I make an election about?

As a member of Heritage and People’s Choice Limited, you can tell us how you wish to be sent the following corporate documents:

  • Annual Report (including financial report, director’s report and auditor’s report); and
  • Notices of General Meetings (including proxy appointment form and other documents relating to a meeting of members); and
  • Notices about your rights to make an election (like this notice).

These documents will also always be made available online in our Member Centre. We encourage you to elect to be sent these documents in electronic form so you can be quickly informed of our activities. Electronic delivery also reduces our shared impact on the environment.

What type of election can I make?

You can choose:

  • to be sent certain documents in electronic or physical form, from a particular date (ongoing election);
  • to be sent certain documents in electronic or physical form, within a specified period of time (temporary election);
  • not to be sent Annual Reports at all; or
  • to withdraw an existing election (and we will send the relevant corporate documents by the method of delivery determined by us).

How do I make an election?

To tell us how you wish to be sent certain corporate documents (or withdraw an existing election), you will need to complete this form. You can also let us know by calling our Contact Centre on 13 14 22, or visiting your local branch.