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  • Full branch services
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  • Business banking
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  • Disabled access
  • Financial planning
  • Foreign currency
  • Insurances
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It all started with people

Karalee is a wonderful semi-rural suburb on the western outskirts of Brisbane. For many residents, community spirit is one of the best things about living there. And with only one shopping centre, spotting a series of familiar faces out and about was an easy task. However, despite all the benefits and convenience of living in a smaller community, residents had long felt the need for easier access to local banking services.

After looking into other options, local community members opted to partner with Heritage Bank to bring a Community Branch to the area. In December 2005, local investors from Karalee-Karana Downs-Mt Crosby’s district raised $200,000 in capital to help set up the Karalee Community Branch. And now, as a joint-venture between Heritage Bank and the local community represented by Community Capital Company Ltd, a share of the profits from the branch are distributed back to the community in the form of Community Grants. These grants are used to support charities, sporting clubs and other local organisations in the branch footprint.

Ongoing success

Since opening, Heritage Karalee Community Branch has invested more than $3 million back into the Karalee community including grants. The community grants have enabled local organisations to complete numerous essential projects that may have never been possible if it wasn’t for this mutually beneficial relationship between Community Capital Company and Heritage.
Meet the team

Karalee Community Branch Manager Shelly King comes from a strong marketing, customer service and banking background, bringing a wealth of lending and management experience to the role.  Shelly and the team at Karalee live and breathe Heritage's People First philosophy, and always look for ways to enhance the level of service to their valued customers.

With a commitment to raising the profile of the Heritage Karalee Branch in the local community, Shelly and the team have a strong focus on supporting local businesses and events and building mutually beneficial relationships with local sporting and community groups.  Shelly and the Karalee team look forward to assisting you.  You can visit the team at Karalee Shopping Village or call 07 3282 8833.

For all of your banking needs, such as transaction accounts or whether you are buying your fist home, refinancing and existing loan, starting or building your investment portfolio, Shelly and the team at Karalee are here to assist you with a tailored solution for your specific requirements.

Locals supporting locals

  • Eliminating travel to do the banking
  • People are more likely to spend their money locally
  • Competitive rates and products
  • Longer trading hours than the major banks
  • A better return for investors
  • Profits going back to the community
Access to better banking products

The Karalee Community Branch provides the community with high quality banking, including fairer fees and better service.  The success of the branch is thanks to the local people who support us and bank with us knowing their community will receive a share of the profits.

The branch is open longer hours, including Friday afternoon until 5pm and Saturday mornings.  Customers are offered fair pricing, competitive fees and charges, flexible products and more staff to give you higher levels of service.

Applying for a community grant

If your community group is from the Karalee area and would like to apply for a Community Grant, please contact your local Community Branch for more information.