Heritage Bank Photographic Awards FAQ's

If you're looking for assistance with your Heritage Bank Photographic Awards entry, our frequently asked questions and answers can help you.

I get an error message saying my image does not meet the size requirements when I try to upload my image.

Your image must meet the minimum 3000x2000 pixels (or 2000x3000) pixel dimensions required.   The image must also be less than 3MB in size.
You will need to adjust the pixel quality of your image and the file size before you can submit it into the competition.
You can do this in most photo editing programs.

Below are a few steps for adjusting the pixels to the requirements to help you.

  1. Open your image in your preferred photo editing program.
  2. Locate where the pixels of the image can be adjusted (resize/scale)
  3. On the largest dimension (either width or height, whichever is currently the highest pixels) increase to 3000 pixels.
  4. Check the opposite dimension to see if it has increased above 2000 pixels. If it is below 2000 pixels, increase it to 2000 or over. 
    The side that was adjusted to 3000 pixels in step 3 will increase higher, but that is fine.
  5. Once done, check that one dimension (either height or width) is 3000 pixels or more and that the other dimension is 2000 pixels or more.
  6. Save your image, ensuring the file size is below 3MB (this can often be done by adjusting the ‘quality’ when saving). 

How many images can I enter?

Each individual can submit up to four images. 

The images must be submitted at the same time and duplicate submissions will not be accepted. 

You can select for your image to be judged under the Open category, Theme category (Firsts) or Illustrative Category, depending on what suits your subject and the image criteria.

Is there an entry fee to enter the competition?

There is no entry fee, the competition is free for entrants to enter. 

What are the image rules and restrictions?

The Open and Theme Categories have restrictions around post-production editing of images.

Image requirements

All images must:

  • have been taken in the last 12 months (i.e. on or after 2 May 2022). This includes any elements of a composite image, where all elements of the image must comply with this timeframe;
  • not have been previously submitted to the awards;
  • be JPEG format, in RGB colour mode, size less than 3Mb and a minimum of 3000 x 2000 pixels (or 2000 x 3000 pixels);
  • not include watermarks or photography branding; and
  • be the original work of the entrant with all (if any) permissions obtained.

Please ensure you read the awards full Terms & Conditions to understand the post-production editing of image restrictions, along with the full details on image requirements.

I don't have any photo editing software on my computer. How can I adjust my image?

If you don't have any photo editing software, you may like to use a free online editing platform like Pixlr which will enable you to adjust the file size and pixel dimensions. 

Why am I getting an error message on the Personal Details section of the entry form?

This could a couple different possibilities:

  1. Are some of your fields auto-populating? If so, clear the fields and be sure to manually type in your full details. The auto-populate in some fields can cause issues.
  2. Have you already submitted an entry? If so, it may be recognising similar details to your previous entry. Contact the Heritage Bank Sponsorship Team at heritagephotographicawards@heritage.com.au.

How do I know if my image has been submitted successfully?

When you press submit, you will see a confirmation screen on your browser advising your submission ID.
You can record this ID for your own records. 

I am trying to submit an entry for my child but it won’t let me. It keeps going back to the entry I submitted for myself.

If you have already completed a submission for yourself, and then go back to try and process one for your child, it might end up taking you directly to your own submission 'Completed' page. If this is happening for you, please contact the Heritage Bank Sponsorship Team at heritagephotographicawards@heritage.com.au.

How do I enter for the Mobile Phone Award

You will be asked when entering the details of your image if your photograph was taken on a mobile phone. If it has, please select yes.

How are the images judged and when will I know if I have won?

A panel of judges will assess the photographs based on the criteria of aesthetics, creativity, technical skill, originality and in relation to the Theme category, how well the photography captures the theme of 'Firsts'.

The judges will select approximately 50 images which will comprise the 2023 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards Exhibition to be displayed at UniSQ Art Gallery Toowoomba between 11 September 2023 - 20 October 2023.

The CEO's choice will be selected from the finalist images.

The winners and finalists will be advised of their success via email on 24 July 2023.

When will I find out if I have won

Winners will be notified via email by 31 July 2023.

I would like to receive email notifications about the awards

To opt in for email reminders and notifications about the awards, please email heritagephotographicawards@heritage.com.au.

Who do I contact for further information?

You can contact the Heritage Bank Sponsorship Team at heritagephotographicawards@heritage.com.au.
2023 Photographic Awards
Heritage Bank Photographic Awards
The 2023 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards winners and finalists have now been announced.