Recruitment Process

Applying for a career at Heritage and People's Choice? Let us help you prepare with a few details on how the process works.

What's Involved

Our recruitment process usually involves an initial phone interview, psychometric assessment, at least one interview and relevant background and reference checks.

The recruitment process allows us to understand your skills and experience, as well as give you the chance to get to know us.


What are psychometric assessments?

Heritage & People's Choice use psychometric assessments as part of the selection process as they provide us with an objective insight into your strengths and development needs that we cannot gain from other processes.

How should I prepare for an interview with Heritage and People's Choice?

You will be asked to explain your motivation for the position - what it is that you are looking to gain from working with Heritage and People's Choice. You will then be asked to share your skills and experiences. Our interview questions are aligned to the position that you have applied for and will include technical, scenario and experience based questions.

Will I have to undertake practical exercises?

Sometimes Heritage and People's Choice will include practical exercises as part of the interview process. If you have to do a practical exercise, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will provide full details to you before you arrive.

Who should I put down as a referee?

We will conduct a minimum of two reference checks as part of the recruitment process. It is important to consider the people that you nominate as your referees. Ideally they will have supervised you in some capacity in a previous position, and be aware of your application with Heritage.
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Recruitment Process
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