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How much do Aussie families spend on back-to-school costs? We find out.

Back to school costs cause stress among primary school parents

Research conducted by Heritage Bank shows 60% of primary school parents admit to feeling stressed in the lead up to the 2013 school year due to the costs associated with back to school items.

Looking at the results this comes as no surprise, with the average primary school family spending around $600 in the weeks before the bell rings. And this is just on necessities such as shoes, books, uniforms and musical and sporting equipment.

Back to school costs cause stress for primary school parents

While most parents are keeping the cost of books under $200, some families are forking out over $500 just for one child’s books for the year. And for those of you hitting the shops for back to school items you know it doesn’t just stop at books. There’s the shoes, uniforms, sporting and musical equipment and other small costs such as lunch boxes and name tags.

Queensland parents can expect to feel the pinch the most, with the average parent spending the highest amount per child than any other state, followed closely behind by South Australia.

Generally, the highest costs come with the purchasing of school uniforms and shoes, with the majority of parents spending up to $200 on uniforms and $50 on shoes per child.

Most schools require a uniform of some sort which can be shorts and a t-shirt or something a little more formal such as a dress, long socks, trouser pants and a button up top.

Whatever the case, you are probably going to need five of these items or even more in the event of spills and messes during the day. You don’t want to have to wash your child’s school uniform every night but you also don’t want to spend a fortune every year, especially considering they will probably outgrow the items and require new ones every one or two years. So what can you do?

For tips on how to save money on kids clothing check out this post by successful family blogger Jody Allen. 

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