People First Bank signage gives new look to Toowoomba skyline

20 June 2024

There’s a new look to the skyline of the Toowoomba CBD, with “People First Bank” signs now sitting atop the high-rise building that’s been the home of Heritage Bank since 1983.

Heritage Bank merged with People’s Choice Credit Union in March last year to create one of Australia’s leading customer-owned banking organisations.

In March this year, the organisation officially adopted People First Bank as its new name and brand. 

That change of name is now being reflected on the Toowoomba skyline.

Workers have this week taken down the “Heritage Bank” signs on top of the building and replaced them with two new “People First Bank” signs.

Each of the signs is 13 metres x 3 metres in size. They sit atop the seven-storey structure on Ruthven Street in the middle of the Toowoomba CBD, making them highly visible landmarks.

CEP Peter Lock said it was an historic moment for the company.

“We’re extremely excited about launching our People First Bank name and brand into the Australian marketplace, and we’re literally shouting it from the rooftops here in Toowoomba.

“Not only does the name People First Bank brand stand out in a very competitive marketplace, it also acknowledges our history and summarises what sets us apart.

“We’re very proud of what we have achieved under the Heritage banner and we’re excited about the future that we will be forging under the People First Bank banner, as we create a compelling national alternative to the big banks.”

As part of the merger agreement, People First Bank is committed to maintaining two Head Offices – one in Toowoomba and one in Adelaide.

The Toowoomba building is the first to have its signage changed, with the Adelaide office to follow at a later date.

While the organisation has a new corporate name, People First Bank will continue trading under its two existing retail brands – Heritage Bank and People’s Choice – for an interim period in future, as the merger integration process continues.

That means while the Head Office building now has a new name, the bank’s branches in Toowoomba will still continue to operate with “Heritage Bank” branding.

“For our members in Toowoomba, nothing will change on a day-to-day basis. Our branches and products will still be branded with the Heritage Bank name for a while longer,” Mr Lock said.

“All that has changed is the signage on our Head Office building, to reflect the fantastic new name and brand that will power our future.”

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