Heritage Bank announces new partnership with Chandler to significantly upgrade customer communications

11 March 2021

Heritage Bank today announced a five-year deal with specialist customer communications provider Chandler that will revolutionise how it sends letters, statements, product information and other communication items to members.

The new partnership will not only cut costs through reduced postage, but will also take advantage of the digital capabilities Chandler offers to improve the customer experience for members. 

Previously, Heritage has been sending communication pieces to members through nine separate systems, in a variety of both hard copy and digital formats, with little uniformity. 

The partnership with Chandler reflects Heritage’s increasing maturity in communications. It will centralise the function and make all customer communication items including letters, emails and SMS more consistent, attractive, and easier to read. 

Heritage Bank CEO, Peter Lock, said working with Chandler opened up new opportunities to improve the quality of communications with members, and to take advantage of advances in digital technology.

“Our partnership with Chandler will enable Heritage to take a modern and sophisticated approach to our communication activities, particularly leveraging the benefits of digital for our members,” Mr Lock said. 

“That’s not to say we won’t be sending hard-copy letters, where appropriate. We know many of our members still like to receive printed items and this new partnership will ensure those copies look and read better.

“We also know that electronic communication offers many benefits to members and we will be working closely with them to encourage the switch, where it suits.

“Digital communications such as e-statements are much easier to store and access, are far better for the environment, and offer cost-savings that we can apply to other areas. 

“We will also be able to build in interactive elements to the communications such as special offers on home loans or term deposits.  We will be able to more effectively track open and click through rates which helps us to improve our understanding of member needs, enabling a deeper engagement with our members that’s highly personalised. 

“It’s exciting to think about how the partnership with Chandler can continue to deliver innovative new ways to communicate with our members in coming years.” 

Chandler CEO, Daniel McKean said:  “As an Australian owned and operated business Chandler is proud to partner with and deliver services to Australia’s largest customer owned bank, Heritage Bank. We are very excited to deliver innovative improvements relating to their member engagement. 

“There is no doubt the timing is right to update the member experience in line with advances in technology and the significant changes COVID has brought upon the world. Confident of the cost savings that will be delivered for members, it is also the improvement in experience I am most excited about. 

‘When it comes to communication, the removal of points of friction and time delays in the customer experience and engagement process can deliver significant improvements in customer satisfaction. 

“Heritage Bank joins a number of successful organisations by taking the opportunity to invest in the future with progressive thinking toward best outcomes for members. Leveraging our unique capabilities and toolset, we will deliver transformative omni-channel member experiences that are centred around relevance and convenience. Our objective is to make every engagement an optimal and meaningful experience”.
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