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Our financial performance, policies and annual general meeting information.

Financial Reports

Heritage Bank Limited has merged with Australian Central Credit Union Limited (trading as People's Choice Credit Union).   On this page are links to historical reports of Heritage Bank Limited and People's Choice Credit Union.  

Read Heritage Bank's latest financial report including Director's Report, Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report.

Annual General Meeting

We invite our members to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM), to hear firsthand about our performance and future plans for the Bank. At these meetings, members have the opportunity to raise matters with the Board and ask questions of our current external auditor regarding the Auditor's Report. The AGM is generally held in October each year and announced here prior to the event. Our most recent Annual General Meeting was held on 16 November 2023. 

Merger news

In March 2023, Heritage Bank entered a new phase in our history, by merging with People’s Choice Credit Union to create Australia’s leading member-owned banking organisation. With approximately 720,000 members, 1,900 employees, 95 branch and service locations across Australia, and more than $23 billion in total assets. As a merged organisation, we remain absolutely committed to the interests of our members and to contributing to the communities we serve.

While we have come together as a single organisation, we will continue to operate under the Heritage Bank and People’s Choice Credit Union brands for an interim period while we continue our integration process. After that, we will adopt a single new brand, one that reflects our new aspirations, as well as the legacies of both Heritage and People’s Choice. 
Who we are

Meet the leaders who help make Heritage Bank what it is today.
This Charter outlines the role, responsibilities, membership and operation of our Board, adopting principles of good corporate governance and practice.
Our Policies

We operate under a constitution and recognise the importance of embedding sustainable and ethical business practices in our operations. 
Heritage Bank exists to serve the interests of our members, and their communities, not to maximise profit for shareholders
Our Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct sets the expectations for how we act, how we solve problems, and what’s important to us.
We operate under a constitution which outlines the rules of our operation, including what it means to become a member. View our constitution to learn more about how we operate.
Elect how to be sent copies of Annual Reports & Notices of General Meetings
Use our online form to tell us how you'd like to receive certain corporate documents such as our Annual Reports & Notices of General Meetings.
Whistleblowers Protection Policy
We place great importance on fostering a culture that encourages staff and others to speak up about issues and conduct that concern them.
Member Commitment

What motivates us isn’t how much profit we can make, it’s about making people’s lives better. We support our members, and their wider communities, by making a positive difference through a diverse range of community and charitable initiatives.
Member Report
Read our previous Heritage Bank Limited Member Report that includes updates on our key sustainability commitments, transformation and our community support initiatives. 
Heritage in the community 
Learn about the community initiatives we're supporting, including our annual Heritage Bank Photographic Awards.