Heritage introduces account nicknames for online banking

Heritage Bank has just introduced the ability for customers to give their accounts “nicknames” within its online banking system.

What it means is that customers can now label their accounts within internet banking (including mobile phone banking) with a “nickname” that is more meaningful for them.

Normally, the account description on internet banking is the name that Heritage gives that account – in the case of an S1 account, it would be Simply Access.

Now, customers can go in and set their own nicknames for those accounts.

For instance, a customer may have several S1 accounts that they use for different purposes.

With this new capability, they might now give one account the nickname “Paying Bills Account” and another “Saving for Holiday Account”.

Those nicknames will then be displayed on internet banking

Customers can give their accounts nickname via the “Profile” tab when they log into internet banking. They should then go to “Maintain Account Nicknames” item in the drop-down menu.

That will bring up a screen that allows them to assign and edit the nicknames for their various accounts. To assign or change the nickname for an account, they need to click on the “edit” button.

There are some restrictions - the nicknames can only be 27 characters long, and can only contain a combination of letters, numbers and the following three special characters: ampersand (&), hyphen (-) or apostrophe (').

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