How to activate your Gift Card

We issue a range of gift cards as part of our Refer a friend program and Heritage Credits rewards program. Learn how to activate your gift card below.

Activate your Heritage Visa Gift Card

If you received a Heritage Prepaid Visa Gift Card that looks like the below, you can activate this online at Enter the 17 digit card number, along with the 4 digit code that is detailed in the attached letter you received. You'll also find plenty of FAQ's and helpful information on the Heritage Gift Card website.

Heritage Bank Prepaid Visa Gift Card

How to activate your Heritage Gift Card
Activate your Heritage Credits Gift Card

Heritage Credits gift cards are issued by other companies, like Myer, that you have chosen to redeem your reward points on. Some of these gift cards will require activation before you can spend on the card. 

If your card requires activation log on to Heritage Online and follow these steps. If you do not have access to Heritage Online contact us 24/7.

Step #1

Click the "Rewarding You" menu option.

Step #2

Click the "Activate Gift Card" link under the "My Account" menu on the right.

Step #3

Enter your gift card details and press the "Submit" button to activate your card.

Once activated, you can use and enjoy your Heritage Gift Card. Happy shopping!

Cash Passport

For information about your Heritage Cash Passport or Access Prepaid, a multi-currency prepaid MasterCard, visit our Platinum Multi Currency Cash Passport page. These cards are activated automatically when purchased and are ready to use within 2 business hours. 

Other Prepaid Gift Cards

Heritage is the 'issuer' of a wide range of Visa Prepaid cards on behalf of Prepaid Partners. 

These cards are generally branded with the partners artwork, but say "Issued by Heritage Bank" on the back of the card. 

For all enquiries on these cards, please contact the company that you received the gift card from to resolve the issue, rather than Heritage Bank.

If you've been unable to resolve your issue, you can contact Heritage on 13 14 22 or email our Prepaid team