Migrant Liaison Officer Service

Coping in an unfamiliar banking system is one of the many challenges faced when moving to Australia. Our Migrant Liaison Officers are available to help make that adjustment easier for those in the Toowoomba region.

Meet the team

Basil and Waleed Heritage Bank Community Liaison Officers

Heritage Bank Community Liaison Officers, Basel Deghlawe and Waleed Sammouh
Waleed Sammouth and Basel Deghlawe are both originally from Syria and arrived in Toowoomba recently as a place to build a safer future for their families.

Waleed and Basel combine their fluency in Arabic, understanding of Middle Eastern cultures, and growing knowledge of the Australian banking and finance industry to help new migrants feel more at ease when dealing with banks.

Our Migrant Liaison Officers can be contacted for help with a range banking needs, such as:
  • Understanding how to open a bank account and access money in Australia
  • How to keep your money safe
  • How credit and loans work, and what to look out for
  • Saving and budgeting help
  • The importance of protecting your possessions.

'' Get in touch

Contact Centre: 13 14 22

Waleed: 0488 792 255

Or, visit our Grand Central Branch in Toowoomba.

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