Share Trading

Keep all your investments in place with Heritage Share Trading.

Heritage Share Trading

Heritage Share Trading is designed to give you greater control over your finances and investments.

Whether you’re a first time trader, a frequent trader or you're a casual investor, Heritage Share Trading makes it easy to trade online, and you can keep all your investments in the one place.

Heritage Share Trading gives you access to a great range of trading, research and reporting tools, plus superior service from our committed team.

Make investing fast and simple...

  • Buy or sell shares from just $27.45 per trade, with no account fees or minimum balance
  • Access to timely, incisive research
  • Security and strength of working with a leading equities investment provider
  • Full electronic processing of trades straight to market
  • Convenience of $25,000 credit before settlement when trading
  • Up to date market information including quotes, market depth charts, watchlists, portfolio, latest ASX market report information

Convenience of a telephone service centre so you can trade if you are away from your computer

It takes only a few minutes to apply online for your free Heritage Share Trading account. Once we receive your completed application and relevant identification material, we’ll activate your account and you’ll be well on your way to trading!

Learn more about Share Trading

Heritage recommends that you view the Australia Securities and Investments Commission website relating to buying and selling shares online.

To learn more about Heritage Share Trading, you can view our User Guide.