Translator service allows Heritage to Speak Your Language

4 August 2021

Having a team of translators and interpreters on call means there are no barriers at Heritage Bank for people with English as their second language.

Heritage now offers customers access to a translation and interpretation service that caters to more than 200 languages.

The confidential service is provided by nationally accredited organisation Speak Your Language and allows Heritage members to use interpreters or translators when communicating with Heritage staff.

That helps ensure the members have an accurate understanding of their finances and the services available to them through Heritage.

Heritage CEO Peter Lock said: “Our aim is to provide people-first banking for all of our members, regardless of their background or what language they speak.

“I’m proud that we offer the Speak Your Language service to better help our members in understanding how we can help with their financial needs

“I encourage anyone who is not fluent in English and wishes to talk with us in their primary language to make use of the Speak Your Language service the next time they contact our team.”

Mr Lock said Heritage had recently adopted an Environmental, Social and Governance Policy that championed diversity and inclusiveness in society.

“We recognise that different people have different needs, and that there are groups in society that need an extra helping hand," he said.

“People from non-English speaking backgrounds can struggle to properly understand financial matters and terms, which they may not be familiar with. Providing access to interpreters and translators is just another way Heritage is helping cater for diversity in our society.

“This Speak Your Language service ties in well with our Migrant Banking program, which helps improve the financial literacy of migrants and refugees through seminars, and through employing two Arabic-speaking Syrian migrants in the Toowoomba area.

“We love to celebrate Australia’s diverse culture and to provide an inclusive banking service that reflects the communities we serve.”

Heritage will be promoting the service through non-English speaking publications, and via social media, its website, via its internet banking and on-hold phone messaging, as well as in-branch signage and brochures.

To access the service, members can visit one of our branches in southern Queensland or Sydney, or can phone our Queensland-based Contact Centre 13 14 22 and request to use the Speak Your Language service for their enquiry.


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