Target Market Determinations

The Design and Distribution Obligation (DDO) regime has now commenced in Australia.

As part of this regime, we’ve created Target Market Determinations (TMDs) for each of our products where required under the DDO regime.  A TMD is a written document that describes the target market that the product is designed for and how it is distributed.  They form part of our framework that allows us to continue to put our members’ needs first.

On this page you’ll find the TMDs for our relevant Heritage Bank products and for products issued by our trusted third party partners. This page also contains TMDs for products where we may be a distributor, but a third party issues the products. TMDs are not published for business credit cards or business loans.

If you have any questions about a TMD, get in touch with us 24/7 on 13 14 22 or talk to your local branch.

Telegraphic Transfer

Personal Loans & Credit Cards
Prepaid Partners

Heritage is the ‘issuer’ of a wide range of prepaid cards on behalf of Prepaid Partners. These cards are generally branded with the partners artwork, but say "Issued by Heritage Bank" on the back of the card. 

For all enquiries on these cards, please contact the company that you received the card from to resolve the issue, rather than Heritage Bank. If you've been unable to resolve your issue, you can contact Heritage on 13 14 22 or email our Prepaid team.