Heritage Bank  Photographic Awards

Encouraging + Celebrating the Art of Australian Photography

Winners announced

The 2023 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards winners and finalists have now been announced. Watch our winners announcement video to see this year's winners.

Exhibition Gallery 2023

Major Winners

  • Open Winner – ‘Bonded Three' by Rochelle James
  • Theme Winner – ‘First Taste of Summer’ by Melissa Crisa
  • Illustrative Winner - 'Day in the life' by Frances Terlich
  • Mobile Phone Award – ‘Hell's Gate’ by Lyn Aberneth
  • CEO Choice – ‘The Can of Ham’ by Steve Day


2023 Categories

Open Category

The choice of subject is yours, so it can be anything you like. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter this category where great imagery is everything and creativity is the key ingredient.

Theme Category -"Firsts"

This year’s theme of “Firsts” opens up a huge range of possibilities, limited only by your creativity. The theme lends itself to a variety of interpretations. It could be your child’s first steps; the memories of your first love; maybe the first time you’ve visited a new country; or even the excitement of picking up the keys to your first house. Put your own twist on the subject – it’s totally up to you.

Illustrative Category

With the rise in digital manipulation of images, the Illustrative category creates a space for these images where the photographer’s creativity in the post-production stage has no limits. 

About the Awards

About the Awards

The aim of the Heritage Bank Photographic Awards is to encourage and celebrate the art of Australian photography. Heritage Bank understands that it has a responsibility to assist the communities it serves to grow and prosper, not just economically but culturally and socially as well. Heritage created the awards more the 30 years ago to help foster creativity in the photographic arts.

Offering the Awards not only encourages people to remain active in photography, it also challenges them to extend their skills by recognising greater creativity in their approach. The Awards have also enabled Heritage to build a collection of photographic works that is already outstanding in its artistic worth and that will become an even more important contributor to the history of photography in Australia over time.

Judges Tips

First impressions count! 

Aim for an image that gives a great first impression and a wow factor – inviting the viewer to look deeper into the photo and become immersed in it.



This is a tip from across the board with all three judges – start with the basic rule of thirds. Good composition allows the picture to be absorbed readily by the mind.


Good quality image

Ensure you are submitting a good quality image – keeping in mind sharpness, exposure, saturation, and cropping.

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Thank you to our sponsors


Heritage Bank would like to thank the Toowoomba Photographic Society for their ongoing support and assistance with the awards.