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Visa Checkout

Learn about the easy, worry-free way to shop online without re-entering your card number.

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Create your own card

Choose Your Own Card

Personalise your card with Heritage’s unique Choose Your Own Card service.

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Visa Debit Card

payWave Visa Debit

For people who like the convenience of credit cards, but prefer to use their own money where EFTPOS isn’t available - over the phone, online or overseas.

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Verified By Visa

Get added assurance when shopping online. Verified by Visa is a service that lets you use a personal password with your Heritage Visa card.

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Security & Privacy

We take the ongoing trust that you place in us to protect your personal information very seriously.

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Create Your Own Card

Say bye-bye to boring cards forever. You can now put almost any photo you like on your Heritage Visa credit card, Visa Debit card or EFTPOS card for just $15.00.
  • Express your individuality
  • Make a statement
  • Keep a loved one close to your heart
  • Update it as often as you want

Go on, get creative!

Creating your personalised card is easy. Select the card you'd like to customise from the list below. If you'd like to apply for a credit card before you begin, click here to apply now.

Visa Platinum

Visa Classic

Visa Gold

Visa Debit

Eftpos Card

Visa Business

Visa Debit Business

> Upload Guide

  • The image you want to use must be saved to your computer's hard drive before you can upload it.
  • Picture files can be either JPEG (*.jpeg, *.jpg) or Bitmap (*.bmp) formats.
  • The file size should be a minimum size of 50KB (kilobytes), maximum 3MB (megabytes) and at least 480x480 pixels. For best results and greater image clarity on your personalised card, use larger images with higher resolutions.
  • Small pictures will reproduce poorly.
  • Increasing the scale of your picture may result in lower image clarity.
  • Larger pictures will take longer to upload.
  • The time your picture takes to upload depends on your Internet connection speed.
  • If you have problems or your image is slow to upload, please contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

> Image Rules

Some rules on images you must read:
In the following, an image means any photo, picture, likeness or image that could be printed on your card.

You must not load images containing or depicting:
  • The name, tradename, slogan or any other identifying marks of any other financial institution, bank, building society or credit union as they are our competitors;
  • The name, tradename, slogan or any other identifying marks of other card schemes (e.g. MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Cirrus, JCB);
  • Political statements or symbols (e.g. party political, neo-Nazi, pro-life, pro-choice);
  • Advertising or promotional material (e.g. slogans, business cards);
  • Branded products;
  • Trademarks;
  • Foreign or local celebrities, musicians, public figures or athletes;
  • Phone numbers or Internet or email addresses;
  • Socially unacceptable groups (e.g. cults, gangs, supremacy organisations);
  • Nude or semi-nude images;
  • Provocative or sexual content (e.g. "pin-ups" or swimsuits);
  • Violence;
  • Profanity or obscenities;
  • Racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter;
  • Reference to Olympic Games or events;
  • Artwork; or
  • Any image in which someone else holds the copyright.
(Note: This list is not exclusive and Heritage Bank retains the right to decide that any submitted image is not to be used.)

Terms and Conditions

Heritage Bank Limited reserves the exclusive right to determine whether to use any submitted image on the Choose Your Own Heritage Card and maintains the sole discretion to reject any image for any reason whatsoever or without assigning a reason;

By accepting these terms and by submitting your image, you agree with Heritage Bank ("Heritage") as follows:

  1. You certify that you have read, understood and followed the Image Rules above;
  2. You represent and certify that you have sole rights to use the submitted image and that you have obtained any necessary consent to allow Heritage and its suppliers or contractors to alter, copy, print, distribute, prepare and use the image (or an image derived from the submitted image) on the Choose Your Own Heritage Card;
  3. You hereby indemnify and hold harmless Heritage and its suppliers and contractors from and against all claims that may arise from your use of this service or the subsequent inclusion of the submitted image (or an image derived from the submitted image) on the Choose Your Own Heritage Card;
  4. A fee of $15.00 applies for the use of this service and will be debited to your card linked account upon and subject to its coming into existence following Heritage making, and your acceptance, of a card offer. This service fee applies to every card with an accepted image whether new or existing, including replacement cards;
  5. These terms relate only to the Choose Your Own Card service. Additional general terms and conditions apply to your Visa Card, Eftpos Card or accounts with Heritage;
  6. Should your chosen image be rejected, or should you fail to supply Heritage with all required documentation to process the new Visa Card or Eftpos Card application within the 25 day image storage period (see below), Heritage reserves the right to proceed with your card application, and, if approved, issue you with a standard card. You may then apply afresh for an image to be placed on your card;
  7. If your card has expired or if it is lost or stolen, or if you wish to just change the picture, you may order, as a replacement card, a picture card displaying either the same picture or a new one. For new images you will need to log on to “” to upload your new image to appear on the card. Refer to point 4. above;
  8. The replacement image on your card must adhere to the Image Rules as well as these terms and conditions. If an image is rejected you will be notified to submit another image;
  9. Prior to issuing your new card, the accepted card image will be stored for a maximum period of 25 days whereafter it will be destroyed. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all Heritage’s documentary requirements for the new card approval process before the 25 days expire;
  10. Once your card is printed, the chosen image will be stored for future use. The image will be stored for the life of the card or three years;
  11. Heritage reserves the right to refuse any image or to terminate this service at any time.