With a great rate and award-winning service on a Heritage home loan, you'll be saying  "Bank you very much!" too.

Plus, you could enjoy up to $300 in bonus payments if you apply for an Eligible Home Loan before 30 April 2021. Find out more below.

2 Year Fixed Rate in Package
2.19 % PA 3.09 % PA
New Owner Occupied (Principal & Interest) Package loans of $150,000+ up to 90% LVR1
Comparison Rate* See Comparison Rate warning
Package your eligible home loan and credit card into our Home Advantage Package to save with discounts on interest rates and fee waivers.
Discount Variable 
2.59 % PA 2.64 % PA
New Owner Occupied (Principal & Interest) Loans of $150,000+ with 70% to 80% LVR
Comparison Rate* See Comparison Rate warning

A low variable interest rate, loans from $150,000 and no monthly administration fee.

Features of all our Home Loans
  • People first service and commitment to our customer-owned values
  • Make unlimited extra repayments
  • Access with our Mobile Banking App, in Heritage Online, by phone and in branch
  • Repayments via periodic payment, direct debit, manual transfer, BPAY®, or direct deposit
  • Interest Only options for investors 
Why Heritage?
Why choose Heritage?

Heritage is Australia's largest customer-owned bank which means we're owned by our customers (like you!), not shareholders. So, instead of pursuing massive profits, our focus is on putting People First.

We know that helping our customers reach their financial dreams is not just about great products and competitive rates, it's about their entire banking experience. When you choose Heritage you'll be supported with award-winning customer service from our branches in Queensland and NSW. Plus, our Contact Centre has a team available 24/7 for all your banking needs.

Heritage Bank wins Mozo People's Choice Awards
Bonus Payment Promotion
We want to help you wrap-up your home loan and banking needs in one place, and reward you for doing it with Heritage. To enjoy a $50 bonus payment, every month, for six months, tick off these steps:

Open an account with Heritage Bank

Step 1: Take out an Eligible Home Loan 

Apply for an Eligible Home Loan between 1 March 2021 and 30 April 2021 and settle before 31 July 2021. 

Go into draw to win $5000

Step 2: Meet the Bonus Criteria

After your Eligible Home Loan settles, you'll receive a $50 bonus payment each month you meet the Bonus Criteria below, for up to 6 months. 

✔  Transaction Account

Open a transaction account with Heritage during your home loan application.

If you already have a transaction account with us you've ticked off this step - just remember it needs to be under the same membership as your new home loan.

✔  5 Visa Debit Purchases each month

Make at least 5 purchases every month using your Visa Debit Card linked to your Heritage transaction account.

Simply put, if you use your card as you usually would for your everyday spending, the purchases should add up!

✔  Automatic Home Loan Repayments

Set up an automatic home loan repayment to come from your Heritage transaction account. 

This is a quick way to ‘set and forget’ your repayments at a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency. 
Bonus Payment Promotion FAQ's

What is an Eligible Home Loan? 

An Eligible Home Loan is a new Standard Variable, Discount Variable, Fixed Rate home loan or Home Advantage Package eligible loan (including further advances on existing loans) for a minimum amount of $250,000.

The Eligible Home Loan must be applied for between 1 March 2021 to 30 April 2021 and disbursed by 31 July 2021

Offer not valid for Living Equity or Line of Credit loans, Bridging Loans, Business Loans and existing Members switching loans, or internal refinances, or non-residents. 

How do I set up automatic home loan repayments?

We can help you set up a regular direct debit arrangement in-branch or over the phone during your application. You can also login to Heritage Online and set up a reoccurring repayment yourself by selecting transfer later and choosing the frequency and amount of transfer. 

What if I don't meet the bonus criteria in the first month?

We'll be checking if you meet the bonus criteria each month, for 6 months after your home loan settles. So if you don't meet the criteria one month but you do the next, we'll see this and adjust your bonus payments accordingly. 


Let's say your home loan settles in April 2021. You don't meet the bonus criteria in May 2021 but you do in June 2021.

You'll receive your first $50 cashback payment in July 2021. If you continue to meet the bonus criteria, your last cashback payment will be made in November 2021. Your total cashback will be $250.

Do all transaction types count towards my 5 purchases?

No, not all transactions will get you into the draw. An 'Eligible Transaction' is any transaction where you pay with your Visa Debit Card at a checkout in-store or online. This can be with your physical card or your digital wallet.

Transactions that aren't included in this promotion are:

  • NPP Fast Payments
  • Direct Debits
  • BPAY
  • Cash withdrawals of any type
  • Fees and charges on your account

What Heritage transaction accounts are eligible?

When will the cashback payments be paid?

After your eligible home loan settles, we'll check that you meet the bonus criteria each month, for 6 months.

Each month you meet the criteria, you'll receive a $50 payment deposited into your Heritage transaction account processed in the next calendar month.  


Let's say your home loan settles in April 2021.

May 2021 will the the first month you need to meet the bonus criteria. If you meet it, your first $50 cashback will be paid in June 2021.

If you continue to meet the bonus criteria for 6 months, your last cashback payment will be made in November 2021. Your total cashback will be $300.

 What are the terms & conditions for the promotion?

Looking for the legal stuff? View our full terms and conditions online.